Your Easy Ice Subscription includes an ice machine cleaning schedule. A qualified ice machine technician will perform the major cleaning, sanitation, and preventive maintenance tasks to ensure your Hoshizaki commercial ice machine operates at the standards established by the manufacturer.

Ice machine cleaning schedule is typically twice per year for standard environments. For non-standard environments such as heavy duty usage, please see our page on service enhancements.

In between these service visits, we need you to do your part by conducting the following tasks: 

  • Always – make sure the ice machine is protected from extreme temperatures (no less than 40F and no higher than 90F) and ensure the the equipment has unrestricted air flow.
  • Weekly – clean the exterior surfaces of the commercial ice machine with diluted bleach to inhibit mold growth.
  • Frequently – rinse out ice machine air filters. Grease, dust and lint in the air filter will decrease the performance of the ice maker.  NOTE: Do not bang or hit the air filters on anything to clean — this will damage the filter.
  • Periodically – check both the ice maker and the bin drain pipes at the floor drain to make sure it is free of debris.
  • Never – use the ice machine as a storage unit (i.e. don’t stack boxes or store supplies on top of the equipment).



The cleaning and sanitizing of the ice machine performed by Easy Ice will ensure the ice maker produces sanitary ice.  However, frequent interior cleaning of the commercial ice bin is very important for maintaining clean and sanitary ice. 

Easy Ice will clean the interior of the ice storage bin twice per year during the preventive maintenance service visits if the bin is on an Easy Ice subscription plan.  Please refer to local health department standards for guidance on how frequently you should clean the interior of your ice storage bin in between preventive maintenance service visits.

If your machine is not producing according to the manufacturer’s specifications, please call our Customer Service team.