You may have found yourself searching for ways to buy an ice machine online, which led you to Easy Ice. Check out our customer spotlights, where some of our customers explain why they didn’t buy a commercial ice machine. Instead, they chose the game-changing option of a subscription based machine.

Most of our customers point out that ice machines are a “must have,” but a necessary evil. Very few tell us they want to buy an ice machine online.

The common thread is that ice doesn’t ADD value to their business.  They can’t charge for ice.  They don’t get more customers because of their ice.  In fact, bad things happen when they DON’T have it.

This is the first reason our customers say Easy Ice is the smart choice:

  • They have decisions to make every day that can help them improve their business.  Any money, time, or energy spent on something that can’t add value is a waste of their time.

Prior to becoming an Easy Ice customer, many identify their ice machine as the least reliable piece of food service equipment they owned.  Fixing ice machines requires specialized skills.  The chemicals required to sanitize the ice machines are an employee hazard.  Finally, almost every ice machine owner will tell you that Health Inspectors target ice machines because they are difficult to keep clean.  Buying an ice machine was just the beginning of their headaches.

This second reason is what you’ll hear from successful executives everywhere:

  • If the work is specialized, a hassle, and not core to your business – outsource it.  Find an expert who will guarantee the work AND provide a backup plan.

The biggest surprise happens when our customers compare the cost to buy an ice machine online to the cost of an Easy Ice subscription.  (See our detailed breakdown of ice machine costs.)

They concluded that even if they got lucky and everything went well, the most they could save was a quarter a day over the cost of an Easy Ice subscription.  If things didn’t go well, Easy Ice would have saved them a quarter a day.

$0.25 per day equates to turning off the lights 1 minute earlier or spending $50 on efficient light bulbs for the bathroom.  It doesn’t warrant a $3,000+ capital investment, the distraction from the core business, or the risks of making someone sick because you were too busy to remember to clean the ice machine.

In the end: 

  • Successful business owners invest their time and capital where they can make a difference.

It is for these three reasons:

  1. Your customers won’t reward your investment in an ice machine,
  2. Ice machines are a big hassle and require expertise to maintain, and
  3. Buying an ice machine won’t save you any money

That’s why our customers will tell you that Easy Ice is the Smart Choice.