Additional Commercial Ice Machine Costs – Explained

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Identify Ice Machine Issues to Avoid Additional Charges

Easy Ice subscribers rarely incur additional charges, but some customers do request or require work that falls outside of the program.

To help you understand ice machine costs, we’ve put together a few examples of situations that fall outside of our program.

Ice Machines are Unreliable

You make decisions every day that help improve your business, but all the time, money, and energy spent on a something that’s doesn’t directly generate profit is a waste. An ice machine can certainly fit that category.

Many of our customers will tell you that an ice machine is one of the least reliable appliances in their business, and they’re not wrong. Ice machines are hard to repair and require hazardous chemicals to clean. Health inspectors notoriously target ice machines in their inspections because they know how difficult they are to maintain.

The Real Cost of an Ice Machine?

There is a very real possibility you will encounter a problem with your ice machine, leaving your business without ice until you repair the unit or go out and buy replacement ice. If you buy an ice machine online, that means paying out-of-pocket for every ice maker problem – hardly the best backup plan.

With an Easy Ice subscription, you can focus your attention and capital on your core business needs. You shouldn’t have to invest your capital on an ice machine that will inevitably cost you extra money maintenance, cleaning, repairs and replacement ice. Easy Ice takes care of all of that for you, so you can focus on business choices that directly affect your bottom line.

Focus on What Matters

In the end, successful business owners invest their time and capital where they can make the most difference. Investing in an ice machine can be a fruitless effort since customers don’t reward you for maintaining an ice supply – but they will leave your establishment if you don’t.

Ice machines are a big hassle and require proper expertise to maintain. Buying an ice machine online is not a cost-effective option because you will eventually have to pay more out-of-pocket when ice maker problems arise.

Customers Love Easy Ice

Our unique ice machine solution is why customers love Easy Ice. If you want a no-hassle solution, that includes ice machine maintenance, service, repairs, and replacement ice at a low, monthly fee, then our subscriptions are for you!