An Easy Ice subscription is a superior alternative to ice machine ownership in Winston-Salem.

If you want to put down roots in rich soil, look no further than Winston-Salem. This “City of Arts and Innovation” ranks one of the best places to live in America, and your business can be one reason why. Be prepared to deliver five-star customer service to everybody who walks through your door with a high-performing ice machine. Your customers expect clean ice in their drinks whether they’re movie buffs attending the annual RiverRun Film Festival, tech and medical professionals on their lunch break, or Wake Forest college students who have wandered off campus.

An Easy Ice subscription makes ice machine rental in Winston-Salem the smartest way for business owners like you to get the ice you need.

For one low, monthly payment, you’ll get access to all of these Easy Ice subscription features:

That’s the best value on a commercial ice machine you’ll find in North Carolina.

An Easy Ice subscription is the most convenient way to make sure your ice machine stays as clean and well-maintained as possible.

Commercial ice machines have a well-deserved reputation as high-maintenance equipment. Leading brands like Hoshizaki and Manitowoc recommend a minimum of two cleanings a year, and some commercial ice machines require deep cleaning more frequently, based on environmental factors. Ice machines, especially ones that are not regularly serviced, are prone to malfunctioning, and repairing them can easily leave you with bills for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Neglecting to clean and service your ice machine can shorten its lifespan, forcing you to replace it sooner than necessary and deal with the steep retail price of a new ice machine all over again.

An Easy Ice subscription is your ticket out of this expensive, stressful situation. We designed our program to be the most valuable ice machine rental option available. Your monthly subscription rate covers the costs of biannual preventive maintenance visits, all repairs, and backup ice. Renting a commercial ice machine from Easy Ice will not only save you money upfront but over time.
You won’t have to worry about finding a local ice machine service company that will clean and inspect your ice machine properly, if you sign up for an Easy Ice subscription. We hold our technicians to the highest standard in the industry when it comes to cleanings and maintenance. We’re serious about providing the best ice machine service in Winston-Salem.

If you’ve decided to rent your commercial ice machine instead of buying it, an Easy Ice subscription is the best way to do it. We offer the only truly all-inclusive ice machine rental in Winston-Salem.

Easy Ice is proud to provide commercial ice machines to North Carolina business owners. Our subscription program is available in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Asheboro, Durham, Sanford, Cary, and Raleigh. If you’re ready to rent a commercial ice machine the smart way, contact us today!