Affordable, quality ice machines in Atchison for every business! Rentals are a cost-effective solution to owning an ice maker in Kansas.

Ice-Masters is now Easy Ice! That won’t change much for our customers. We’ll continue to offer the same, great ice equipment and service we’ve been known for since 1951. Now, we also get to bring business owners in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri the Easy Ice subscription. We’re excited to be a part of the Easy Ice family and to welcome you our customers to it.


Atchison is a thriving community right along the Missouri River that gives back to the community through excellent service and exceptional customer care. You’ll need a reliable ice machine at your Atchison business if you want to keep up with daily customer demand. An Easy Ice subscription makes commercial ice equipment and service affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to give your customers the best.

With an Easy Ice subscription, you’ll gain access to these features:

Without an Easy Ice subscription, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a high-quality ice machine and maintain it.

We only carry ice machines that are built to last from the leading ice machine brands in the industry, Manitowoc and Hoshizaki. Our subscription covers the upfront capital; all you pay is a onetime installation fee and your affordable monthly payment.

We keep track of the biannual preventive ice machine maintenance included in your subscription, making service simpler for you. Prescheduled visits allow our technicians to optimize production and catch potential problems early. Having a well-maintained ice machine at your Atchison business ensures you’ll always have ice on hand.

During visits, one of our expertly trained technicians will also thoroughly clean the ice machine inside and out. Cleaning prevents scale, slime, and mold – but it also keeps ice sanitary for customers. It’s important that your staff routinely cleans the ice machine between visits.

Additionally, technicians will check the unit for any problems and complete any necessary repairs at no extra cost to you. If you ever notice an issue outside of scheduled maintenance, give us a call on our 24/7 customer service line. While we complete the repair, we’ll provide you with backup ice to keep customers happy.

If you’re looking to buy a new ice machine in Atchison instead of renting one, Easy Ice can still help you out. We sell the same Hoshizaki and Manitowoc products that we carry in our subscription program. Our sales representatives can help you find the right model for your business. Call us for your free quote!

Do you already own an ice machine in Atchison that needs cleaning or fixing? No problem. Easy Ice proudly provides the best preventive maintenance, cleanings, and repairs for commercial ice machines in your area. Make an appointment with an Easy Ice technician anytime.

Easy Ice makes our subscription available to businesses across Kansas and throughout the Midwest. We’re changing the way business owners in Atchison access commercial ice machines, for the better. Ready to experience the Easy Ice difference for yourself? Contact us today!