Fully inclusive program for a commercial ice machine in Dana Point. Affordable. Reliable. Cost-effective!

When your Dana Point business depends on ice, you need a dependable ice machine on site. Buying a commercial ice machine in Dana Point is not a good use of your small business’s capital. Beyond the purchase price, owning an ice machine will drain profits year after year with maintenance, cleanings, water filter replacements and unexpected repair bills.

Smart companies throughout Southern California don’t buy their ice machines, they subscribe instead!

Ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice are more cost-effective and less burdensome than buying in Dana Point. For a low fixed monthly cost, Easy Ice will outfit your business in Dana Point with a top of the line ice machine (bins and dispensers too, if needed) plus all preventive maintenance, sanitation, repairs and Breakdown Ice. Subscriptions also include two standard water filter replacements per year plus 24/7 Customer Support.

You supply the water, electricity and drainage… Easy Ice handles everything else to guarantee your Dana Point business always has ice. Simple!

You have enough on your plate without the unpredictable costs and hassles of ice machine ownership. Sure, you could lease commercial ice makers, but leasing will tie you into a long-term contract. With Easy Ice, our qualified customers enjoy month-to-month billing and no penalties for cancellation (30 days notice, please). Easy Ice also offers our customers in Dana Point and throughout the country with a simple equipment upsizing program.

Easy Ice customers can choose the size and type of ice machine that best suits their needs. We have ice makers ranging in ice production from 200 – 2000 lbs per day. Crescent cubers are ideal for convenience stores, restaurants, office complexes and health clubs. Nugget ice is the preferred choice for hospitals and marinas. Big square cubes are the preferred ice type for high end bars and restaurants in Dana Point.

Commercial ice machine subscriptions are smart, simple and stress-free! After experiencing our program, our customer tells us they’ll never own a commercial ice machine in Dana Point again.

Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, golf course or landscaping company, Easy Ice has the right ice machine for your needs. Getting started is simple! We’ll even send a technician to your Dana Point location for a complimentary site evaluation to help you determine the right ice machine for your company’s needs.

Easy Ice is proud to service companies throughout Southern California including Dana Point, Anaheim, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Long Beach, Riverside, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente and Mission Viejo.