Elmwood Park is one of Cook County’s many villages that support Chicago’s economy. Residents rely on quick service to get through their day, and a quality ice machine in Elmwood Park helps businesses provide just that.

Automatic Icemakers is now Easy Ice! You can still count on us for the best commercial ice equipment and service in Elmwood Park. The Automatic Icemakers team is excited to bring the Easy Ice subscription program to Illinois and Wisconsin, as a part of the Easy Ice family. We’re sure you’ll love it.


Your customers in Elmwood Park deserve an experience at your business as good as any they might have in Chicago’s ritziest corners. To give it to them, start simple: serve them clean ice in cold drinks whenever they want. A high-performing ice machine will help you do it. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get that kind of ice maker or to keep it clean. Easy Ice has a solution for you that will make your ice machine in Elmwood Park an affordable piece of equipment.

For one, low monthly payment, you’ll get all of these features with an Easy Ice subscription:

An Easy Ice subscription gives you the opportunity to get a Hoshizaki or Manitowoc ice maker without breaking the bank.

Commercial ice machines are expensive to buy and expensive to own, thanks to the ongoing maintenance and repairs they require. Simply purchasing a commercial ice maker will cost you anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $10,000 or more. An Easy Ice subscription is a much more affordable alternative. Ours is the only all-inclusive commercial ice machine lease option in the Chicago area. Your Easy Ice monthly rate covers the costs of biannual preventive maintenance, all repairs, and backup ice.

We only carry the best ice machine brands in the industry, Hoshizaki and Manitowoc, because we want our customers to have durable, reliable equipment. A one-time installation fee covers the setup, and after that, all you pay is your low, monthly rate. You’ll never have to budget for your ice machine’s upkeep or keep track of its cleanings.

We make sure to send one of our highly trained technicians to your ice maker every six months. You’ll never have to wonder if your ice machine in Elmwood Park is being properly cleaned and inspected. Easy Ice holds our technicians to the industry gold standard of ice machine cleaning and maintenance because health and safety seriously. Having your ice maker cleaned properly ensures you always serve your customers clean, safe ice. Your biannual preventive maintenance visits also give our technicians the chance to look for indicators of developing mechanical problems. Catching issues early on is the best way to avoid unexpected ice machine breakdowns.

If your ice machine in Elmwood Park ever does break down or need repairing, you won’t have to worry about paying for it. Repairs, including parts and labor, are always covered in your Easy Ice subscription. That’s great news for you because ice machine repairs are typically pretty pricey. We don’t just stop at covering your repairs. Easy Ice also provides you with backup ice at no extra charge, so your customers are never left with warm drinks.

Have you decided to buy your next ice machine in Elmwood Park instead of leasing one? No problem. Easy Ice sells the same top-rated Hoshizaki and Manitowoc models that we feature in our subscription program. Our sales team can help you select the perfect ice machine for your business. Call us for your free quote now!

If you already own an ice machine in Elmwood Park and you’re looking for a trustworthy service company, look no further. Easy Ice proudly offers the highest-quality ice machine maintenance and repairs in your area, even to business owners who purchase their ice equipment from our competitors. Make an appointment with an Easy Ice technician anytime.

We’ve changed the way business owners get their ice machines in Elmwood Park and Illinois. Any business in Chicagoland can benefit from our subscription. Contact us today to experience stress-free ice machine service.