Subscriptions are revolutionizing the ice machine industry!  The only affordable end-to-end solution for any business that needs quality commercial ice machines in Evanston is with Easy Ice.

Is your Evanston company looking for a new commercial ice machine?  Until recently, the only options in the greater Chicago area were buying, leasing, or renting ice machines.  Commercial ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice are a game changer!

No capital is required because we buy the new ice machine for your Evanston business.  Since we buy the commercial ice makers in Evanston, we’re invested in keeping them running optimally.  For a low monthly fee, you’ll get the ice maker itself, maintenance, cleanings, water filters, all repairs, replacement ice, and more!  We’ve installed thousands of Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice makers across the country and in the Evanston area.  Easy Ice is the only company offering commercial ice machine subscriptions on a national scale.

Our solution to owning an ice machine in Evanston saves customers money, time, and hassles! We created our subscription program specifically with business owners in mind, which is why we’re a top choice throughout Illinois.

Our subscriptions are different than traditional leases throughout the Chicago area. Qualified customers in Evanston don’t have to sign a term agreement with us.  We even offer month to month billing and no cancellation fees with 30 days’ notice.  Our fixed, affordable rates make it possible for nearly any business to benefit from our program. We partnered with two of the industry’s leading ice machine brands, Hoshizaki and Manitowoc, because they’re durable and reliable. These American-made machines are built to last and trusted by smart business owners across the country.

Our manufacturers recommend their commercial ice equipment is professionally serviced at least twice a year, so we cover it in your subscription. We’ll send a technician to look at your ice machine in Evanston at a time that’s convenient for you.  Every 6 months they’ll thoroughly clean the unit, change any standard water filters, and check for any potential problems.

Repairs are inevitable with commercial ice makers, even with proactive maintenance. If you own an ice machine in Evanston, you’ll be stuck with expensive and unpredictable repair costs.  With Easy Ice, all repairs are covered.  You’ll never have to pay for your ice maker out of pocket again.

We provide the best alternative to owning an ice machine in Evanston with our all-inclusive subscription.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your ice bin will always be full!

Easy Ice has changed the way businesses handle their ice machines in Evanston and throughout Illinois. Our quality ice machine service is available in Evanston, Chicago, Glenview, La Grange, Summit, Hammond, and Naperville. Contact us today and see what a subscription can do for your business!