Commercial ice machine subscriptions:  The only affordable end-to-end solution for all your ice needs in Evanston!

Is your Evanston company looking for a new commercial ice machine?  Until recently, the only options in the greater Chicago area were buying, leasing or renting ice machines.  Commercial ice maker subscription from Easy Ice are a game changer!

No capital is required because we buy the new ice machine for your Evanston business.  Since we buy the commercial ice makers in Evanston, we’re invested in keeping them running optimally.  For a low monthly fee, an ice machine subscription gets you the ice maker, maintenance, cleanings, water filters, all repairs, replacement ice and more!  We’ve installed thousands of Hoshizaki ice machines across the country and in the Evanston area.  Easy Ice is the only company offering commercial ice machine subscriptions on a national scale.

You might think subscriptions sound like leases or rentals for commercial ice makers in Evanston. But ice machine subscriptions are different (and better!). Qualified customers in Evanston don’t have to sign a term agreement.  Month to month billing (subscription prices are fixed as long as you have the ice machine at your Evanston location) and no cancellation fee.  If you lease a commercial ice maker in Evanston, you’ll be tied into a multi-year commitment.  And if you need to upgrade to a bigger ice machine or cancel, you’ll pay penalty fees.

Commercial ice machine subscriptions in Evanston save our customers money, time and hassles!

We exclusively use Hoshizaki ice machines because they are durable and reliable.  Most Hoshizaki ice maker models have earned the EnergyStar rating, saving our customers more money in their utility costs. We’ve purchased thousands of Hoshizaki ice machines and it’s the brand we trust.

Ecolab and Reddy Ice round out our partnerships to give our customers in Illinois (and across the country) the best service available. Your commercial ice machine subscription includes biannual maintenance.  We’ll send a technician to your Evanston location to inspect and clean the ice makers.  Every 6 months we’ll replace the water filters in the ice machines too . Standard water filter replacements are Free!

Repairs are inevitable with commercial ice makers in Evanston, even with proactive maintenance. If you own the ice machine, you’re stuck with expensive and unpredictable repair costs.  With Easy Ice, all repairs are covered.  You’ll never see another ice machine repair invoice again!

We’re not selling a product to your Evanston business… We’re providing you with a complete solution to all your ice needs.  Our customers tell us that our stress-free solution is a time and money save for them.  We give our customers peace of mind knowing they’ll always have ice in their ice bins!

Whatever your business is in Evanston, we have an ice machine to fit your needs.  We have commercial ice machines for restaurants, hotels, convenience stores and health clubs.  Customers also include churches, event centers, corporate facilities, hospitals, bars, golf courses and contractors.

Call us today if you need a new commercial ice machine in Evanston, Chicago, Glenview, La Grange, Summit, Hammond or Naperville.