The last commercial ice machine you’ll Never own!

Your business in Fort Myers needs a commercial ice machine, but you don’t want the expense of owning or the hassles of a lease. Easy Ice has your complete solution for commercial ice makers in Fort Myers!

Our 100% guaranteed subscription program is an end-to-end solution that provides your business with a Hoshizaki commercial ice maker, all repairs, free water filters and much more for an affordable, fixed-monthly fee.

Commercial ice machines are expensive to buy and even costlier to maintain. Leasing commercial ice makers in Fort Myers can be restrictive and doesn’t include the benefits Easy Ice provides with every subscription. And renting often means you are getting a used or sub-standard ice maker.

Easy Ice subscriptions are comprehensive and affordable. Since our commercial ice machine subscriptions are based on a fixed price, our customers can budget better. Commercial ice machines can be unpredictable and incur unexpected expenses, but with Easy Ice there are no hidden costs and your expenses are predictable.

Easy Ice surpasses all other commercial ice machine solutions with our national presence, extensive benefits and guarantee that you never run out of ice again.

Although Easy Ice is a national company, we pride ourselves in our local service throughout Florida. We have commercial ice maker customers all over the Fort Myers area — restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, bars, corporate facilities and country clubs in Fort Myers use Easy Ice for their ice machines.

Companies that previously owned commercial ice makers in Fort Myers are making the switch to Easy Ice subscriptions. Our worry-free ice machine program frees time for our customers to concentrate on what’s important: growing their Fort Myers businesses, not ice makers.  Fort Myers business owners have plenty to do without worrying about their ice supply!

Easy Ice only uses Hoshizaki commercial ice makers because they are best in breed, energy efficient and are manufactured right here in the United States. Our highly trained technicians know Hoskizaki ice makers inside and out, guaranteeing our ice machines will always work as they should.

Our fully-bundled ice machine subscription program gets you ice machines plus ice bins and ice dispensers. Easy Ice subscriptions are cost-effective. We include all the ice making equipment and accessories plus all service and maintenance. Hoshizaki ice machine parts are always included, as is all labor. Never see another ice machine repair bill again with Easy Ice!

Easy Ice has world-class customer service 24/7. Just like the performance of our ice machines, we’re working for you every hour of the day, every day of the year.

Smart business owners in Fort Myers, Sarasota Springs, Coral Springs, Bonito Springs, Cypress Lake and Naples Park are choosing Easy Ice for their commercial ice machine needs.