Easy Ice offers the most cost-effective, hassle-free alternative to owning an ice maker in Missouri: our unique subscription.

Ice-Masters is now a part of Easy Ice! Our team is excited to bring the Easy Ice subscription to businesses in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. We’ll also continue to offer the same, great commercial ice equipment and service our customers have enjoyed since 1951.


People come to Harrisonville expecting the charm and hospitality of a small Missouri city, and your business gives you the opportunity to meet those expectations. Serving your customers an ice-cold drink is an easy way to make a strong first impression, but for that, you’ll need a reliable ice machine.  

For one, low monthly payment, Easy Ice will provide you with the following:  

You won’t find a better way to supply your business with ice in Harrisonville than this revolutionary subscription program. 

Give your business a leg up on the competition with a five-star ice machine from Easy Ice                

Buying a commercial ice machine in Harrisonville will leave you with a steep bill and saddle you with the cost and responsibility of maintaining and repair your ice machine over time. Renting your ice machine from Easy Ice means you’ll only pay a modest installation fee upfront and never have to concern yourself with ice machine maintenance. Your monthly subscription covers the manufacturer-recommended cleanings for your ice machine twice a year and the full cost of repairs. Easy Ice even gives your business free ice when your machine is down for repairs, so your customers never have to experience a disruption. Our highly specialized technicians will service your ice machine with a level of expertise that ensures your ice machine will function optimally as long as you need it.  

The Easy Ice subscription is an out-of-this-world deal, but we understand that sometimes, you just have to own your ice machine. If you’re looking to buy your business’ next ice machine, Easy Ice can sell you the best brand at the best price in Harrisonville. Call us for your free quote!

Already own an ice machine in Harrisonville that needs cleaning or fixing? No problem. An Easy Ice technician is just a phone call away. We provide the best maintenance, cleanings, and repairs for commercial ice equipment in your area, regardless of where our service customers purchased their ice machines. Make an appointment with us anytime.   

Easy Ice is changing the commercial ice machine industry one subscription at a time, and we are proud to offer our services in Harrisonville, Peculiar, Raymore, Belton, and the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. If you’re ready to make the smartest business decision of your year, contact us today!