An Easy Ice subscription is your perfect, cost-effective alternative to buying a Hinsdale ice machine.

Automatic Icemakers is now Easy Ice! You can still expect the same, great ice equipment and professional ice machine service that Automatic Icemakers has offered since 1960. Our staff is excited for this new chapter in our story and excited to bring the Easy Ice subscription to our customers in Illinois and Wisconsin.


Just a twenty-minute train ride from downtown Chicago, Hinsdale is a community with heart that provides daily service to much of the Windy City’s workforce. Your friends, neighbors, and fellow Hinsdale residents deserve five-star customer service wherever they go in town, including at your business. To keep up with them, you’ll need a reliable ice machine. That’s where we come in. Easy Ice has an affordable way to get the best commercial ice equipment. We took the traditional ice machine lease idea and expanded it into an all-inclusive subscription that offers you the maximum amount of savings and convenience.

When you sign up with Easy Ice, you’ll receive:

All that for one, low monthly payment!
Easy Ice only carries ice machines by Manitowoc and Hoshizaki because they’re the best brands on the market.

Commercial ice machines are expensive, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the one you need. An Easy Ice subscription will save you money on your next ice machine upfront and over time. It’s an all-inclusive program that covers the costs of your ice machine’s biannual maintenance, repairs, and backup ice. You can get the Hoshizaki or Manitowoc ice machine in Hinsdale you need for a monthly rate you can afford.

Hoshizaki and Manitowoc strongly recommend their ice makers be professionally cleaned at least every six months. Easy Ice guarantees that frequency of cleaning and maintenance in our subscription. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will thoroughly clean the ice machine, change any standard water filters, and inspect the unit for any potential problems. Routine maintenance visits are an excellent time for technicians to catch ice maker problems early before they become expensive repairs. Technicians can spot potential issues and repair them onsite quickly at no extra cost to you. Your lease covers all ice machine repairs for your Hinsdale business, parts and labor included. When you don’t have to budget for unexpected repair costs, you can budget more money back into your business. Anytime you need a repair outside of a scheduled visit, just call our 24/7 customer service line.

We provide backup ice for your business free of charge when your ice machine breaks down. Your Hinsdale business can’t stop serving customers just because your ice machine is down. We make it our priority to guarantee your ice supply, so you never have to stop serving your customers the cold drinks they want.

If you’ve decided to buy an ice machine in Hinsdale instead of leasing one, Easy Ice can still help you out. We sell the same Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice machines we lease out to our subscription customers. If you’re interested in purchasing one, our sales team can help you pick the right model for your business.

Already own an ice machine in Hinsdale that needs cleaning or fixing? No problem. Easy Ice is happy to provide you with the best ice machine maintenance, cleanings, and repairs in your area. It doesn’t matter where you purchased your ice maker. We’ll take care of it like it’s one of our own.

Businesses throughout Hinsdale and the Chicago-metro area choose Easy Ice to take the stress out of their ice machine experience. Our subscription program is available in Hinsdale, La Grange, Western Springs, and throughout Chicago. Ready to get your next commercial ice machine the easy way? Contact us today!