Get the best ice machine in Lisle, IL without the hassle of owning one. We cover everything in our subscription program, making it possible for nearly any business in Illinois to benefit!

Automatic Icemakers is now Easy Ice! We’ll continue to offer the same high-quality ice machines and service we’ve provided to Lisle businesses since 1960. The Automatic Icemakers staff are excited to join the Easy Ice family and offer customers in Lisle the incredible benefits of an Easy Ice subscription.


Throughout Lisle, people expect quality service from every business in town. When customers are waiting around for service and drinks, it can put a damper on their overall experience. Having a reliable ice machine in Lisle, IL helps you better serve your guests every day. Before you try to fit a new ice maker into your business’ budget, consider an ice machine subscription with Easy Ice instead.

From the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor to Downtown, we’ve helped businesses get quality commercial ice equipment and service for an affordable price.

When you sign up for an Easy Ice subscription, you’ll receive:

We cover the upfront capital on ice machines in Lisle so that you can provide your customers with the best. All you pay upfront is a one-time delivery and installation fee!

You can select products from two of the industry’s leading brands, Hoshizaki and Manitowoc, giving you options to find what’s right for you. Because we purchase the Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice makers for you, we do our best to keep it in the best possible shape with biannual preventative maintenance included in your lease. We keep track of visits for you, just let us know the best time for you, and we’ll schedule an appointment with a technician.

Maintenance visits are a great time for our technicians to check out your ice machine in Lisle. They’ll thoroughly clean both the machine and ice bin, change all standard water filters, and inspect the unit for any potential problems. If they notice an issue, they’ll work hard to repair it as soon as possible. Your lease covers all repairs, including parts and labor, so you’ll never be left paying expenses out of pocket. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that even during a breakdown, we’ve got you covered

Here at Easy Ice, we take repairs seriously. We provide backup ice for your Lisle business anytime your machine’s down for a repair at no extra cost. It’s stressful when you don’t have ice for your customers, which is why we make sure you’ll never run out. Just call our 24/7 customer service line if you need assistance, and we’ll get you set up with extra ice.

If you’ve decided to buy an ice machine in Lisle instead of leasing one, Easy Ice is still your best resource. We sell the same Hoshizaki and Manitowoc equipment we feature in our subscription program. Our sales team can help you select the right ice machine for your business. Call us to get the conversation started!

Do you already own an ice machine in Lisle that needs cleaning or fixing? Make an appointment with an Easy Ice technician. We’re proud to offer the highest quality preventive maintenance and repairs for ice makers in your area. It doesn’t matter where you purchased your equipment. We’ll service it just as well as we do our own.

In DuPage County and across the Chicago area, we’ve changed the way businesses access their ice machines. Our subscription is available throughout the Chicago-metro area. Find out how much better we can make your ice machine experience. Contact us today!