Easy Ice has the ultimate stress-free program for a commercial ice machine in Long Beach!

Are you looking for a commercial ice machine in Long Beach, CA? Look no further!  Easy Ice is the only national company in Long Beach with an end-to-end solution for your ice needs with No Capital or long-term lease.

Easy Ice offers it’s customers an unbeatable package that includes Hoshizaki commercial ice machines, all repairs and more for an affordable, fixed monthly fee.  The days of leasing or owning a commercial ice maker are over.  Easy Ice has a better, more affordable and practical way of getting an ice machine into your Long Beach business.

Our ice machine delivery model is problem-free!  Easy Ice takes the risk and responsibility of commercial ice machine ownership and let’s you pay attention to what really matters: growing your business and generating profits.

Nearly every Long Beach business needs a consistently dependable ice machine for it’s employees and customers.  Commercial ice makers tend to break down more often than most capital equipment.  Water conditions, temperature variations and environmental conditions all factor into the performance of a commercial ice maker.

Ice machine owners understand the added expenses involved in order to keep the ice maker running smoothly.  Frequent cleanings and preventive maintenance are expensive, yet must be done or the ice maker won’t produce clean ice.  And may completely stop producing ice if it’s not properly maintained.

Easy Ice subscriptions have all maintenance and cleanings built into affordable monthly plans.

No surprise repair bills with an Easy Ice commercial ice maker subscription! All repairs (labor and Hoshizaki parts) are part of a every ice machine subscription.

Easy Ice is the only company in Long Beach who can guarantee your ice supply for the life of the ice maker.  Our subscriptions are different than leasing or renting a commercial ice machine for a variety of reasons. We use only Hoshizaki ice machines (best on the market) and we completely maintain them. You can be assured of getting a top of the line ice maker with many rentals and leases.

Easy Ice subscriptions are different than leasing because we don’t require a deposit and you don’t have to sign a 3-5 year lease for our standard models. Customers tell us that they like the flexibility of Easy Ice subscriptions.  Qualified customers can cancel at anytime with only 30 days notice.  And we don’t add a penalty fee for terminating an ice machine subscription.

Easy Ice customers also receive many free components.  Ice bins, topkits and ice dispensers are part of the package.  So are free standard water filters and free replacement ice.

Say goodbye to the stress and expense of ice machine ownership!  In Long Beach, Easy Ice is the go-to company for commercial ice makers.

Easy Ice supports customers all over Southern California and Los Angeles County.  We supply ice machines to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, nightclubs, schools, corporate facilities and many other industries in California.  We have customers in cities like Long Beach, Westminster, Huntington Beach, Naples, Seal Beach and Cerritos.

If you need a commercial ice machine in Long Beach, call us today!