The most affordable and reliable offering for commercial ice makers in Louisville!

Does your company in Louisville depend on ice?  Can you depend on your ice machine?

Buying a commercial ice machine is costly and risky.  The purchase price is only the beginning of the expenses associated with buying an ice machine.

We’ve developed a subscription model for commercial ice makers that’s a better solution than buying or leasing.  Our ice machine subscriptions are all-inclusive, affordable and dependable.  Easy Ice is a national company and we have local service in Louisville.

Subscriptions include all maintenance, repairs, water filters, Breakdown Ice and more for as little as $4 a day!

Subscriptions are better than leasing ice makers.  Leases are long-term and inflexible.  Subscriptions are lease-free for qualified customers!  And we offer a flexible ice machine upgrade program.  Easy Ice is the only company that allows your ice machine to grow as your business grows.

We buy ice machines for our customers from Hoshizaki.  Hoskizai manufactures their ice makers in the USA and they’re durable and energy-efficient.  Easy Ice has placed thousands of Hoshizaki ice machines around the country.

Since we own the ice makers for our customers, we’re motivated to service them well.  Subscriptions come with all preventive maintenance and repairs.  We preschedule routine maintenance at our customers’ sites every 6 months.  We clean the ice machines and replace water filters.  Standard water filters are FREE with Easy Ice subscriptions!

We do our best to maintain the ice machines, but ice makers are fickle and they will sometimes break.  If one of our ice machines needs repair, we handle that too.  And we make it simple!

Easy Ice has a US-based customer service team that’s available 24/7, 365 days a year.  If a repair is needed, simply call our toll-free number and we’ll arrange for a technician to visit your site.  If we’re unable to repair the ice maker in a timely way, our customers receive free Breakdown Ice!

Businesses across industries need commercial ice machines in Louisville.  Companies in the hospitality industry need ice; restaurants, hotels, bars, night clubs and B&B’s.  Any company that sends crews out each morning need ice; contractors, landscapers, utility and energy companies.  And schools, hospitals, health clubs, nursing homes, golf courses, convenience stores and churches in Louisville need ice.

Smart managers in Louisville are choosing subscriptions instead of buying or leasing ice makers.  We have sales and service throughout Kentucky.  If your company needs an ice maker in Louisville, Lyndon, Newburg, Highview or Jeffersontown, give us a call!