Affordable, quality ice machines in Ottawa for every business! An Easy Ice subscription is a cost-effective alternative to owning an ice maker in Kansas.

Ice-Masters is now a part of Easy Ice! We’re excited to join the Easy Ice family and bring the Easy Ice subscription to customers in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. We’ll also continue to offer business owners the same, great ice equipment and service we’ve been known for since 1951.


If you run a business, you’ll need a reliable ice machine in Ottawa. Commercial ice machines can produce hundreds of pounds of ice a day for a fraction of the cost of buying ice retail. Easy Ice is your best option for commercial ice machines in Ottawa, KS. An Easy Ice ice subscription provides your Ottawa business with excellent, affordable ice equipment, along with service and cleaning included in the monthly rate.

When you sign up for an Easy Ice subscription, you’ll have access to:

3 ice cubes

Tired of dealing with ice machine issues on your own?
Find out how Easy Ice makes them disappear.

An Easy Ice subscription is a low-hassle ice machine solution that keeps your ice maker in tip-top shape.

Whether you run a restaurant or bar in downtown Ottawa or need a commercial ice machine for your office employees, Easy Ice has what you need. We provide quality commercial ice equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry. Our experienced ice machine technicians know exactly how to keep your ice maker running at 100% efficiency. When you get your ice machine through an Easy Ice subscription, you never have to worry about missing your next cleaning or maintenance date because we keep track of your ice machine’s schedule for you. If your machine is due for cleaning and maintenance, we give you a call and send a qualified ice machine technician to optimize your equipment.

With our all-inclusive subscription, if there is a problem with our ice equipment, we’ll fix or replace any parts at no extra cost. We provide biannual professional cleaning to ensure performance. No need to worry about a dirty ice maker–our professional cleaning service will keep your ice supply safe and sanitary. Many areas in Kansas suffer from high, mineral-laden water that can lead to scale damage. We include sediment or phosphate filtration in our subscription to extend the life of the equipment.

If you have a problem with your ice machine in Ottawa, we maintain a 24/7  service line to handle any questions or concerns. If one of our Ice Machine Experts can’t fix the issue over the phone, a qualified ice machine technician will rush to your business ASAP. If that ice machine requires extended repairs, we provide your business with free replacement ice until the ice machine is fixed.

Want to buy an ice machine in Ottawa instead of renting one? Easy Ice can sell you the perfect Hoshizaki or Manitowoc model to fit your needs. Call our sales team for a free quote!

Already own an ice machine in Ottawa that’s overdue for a cleaning or needs repairs? No problem. Easy Ice proudly provides the highest quality preventive maintenance, cleaning, and repairs for commercial ice equipment in your area. Make an appointment with one of our world class technicians anytime.

Easy Ice is the largest provider of commercial ice machines in the Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Our ice machine subscription is available in Ottawa, Baldwin City, Edgerton, Gardner, Olathe, Lawrence, Kansas City, and beyond. If you’re ready to experience the simpler side of ice machines, contact us today!