In a survey we conducted, we found that commercial ice machines are the least liked piece of capital equipment.

Businesses in Raleigh depend on commercial ice machines, but do you really want to own one? Buying an ice maker in Raleigh is only the beginning of the expenses. Ice machine repairs, maintenance, water filters, cleanings, and replacement ice are ongoing costs.

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Easy Ice has developed a revolutionary program for ice machines with our all-inclusive subscriptions. We are a national company with a presence in Raleigh and all over North Carolina.

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Tired of dealing with ice machine issues on your own?
Find out how Easy Ice makes them disappear.

Subscriptions offer our customers everything they need to keep ice in the bin at a guaranteed monthly price.  Always affordable. Always reliable!

The flexibility and ease of our ice machine subscriptions are unsurpassed!  We are the only national company offering a fully-inclusive ice machine package for an amazingly low price.  Since we are national and have thousands of ice machines in companies across the country, we have solid buying power.  Our subscription prices remain low because of our volume, and we pass that savings onto you.

We provide top of the line, made in America Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice makers, ice storage bins, and ice dispensers.  Our program is all-inclusive - never see an ice machine repair bill again!

For qualified customers, our standard ice machine models carry a no-penalty cancellation policy.  You'll have the ability to switch ice machines if your ice needs change.

Perhaps you are opening a cafe in Raleigh and expect to need 800 lbs of ice per day.  In a year, your business has become so popular that you need more ice.  For a one-time nominal fee, we’ll happily bring you an ice maker with greater capacity and take the smaller unit away.

Many companies cannot do business without a well-performing ice machine.  Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and music venues need ice. Convenience stores and grocery stores lose soda fountain profits if they have an unreliable ice machine. Healthcare facilities depend on ice for medical applications (hospitals, doctor’s offices, physical therapy centers and assisted living facilities).

Sports and recreation facilities in Raleigh depend on ice machines.  Golf courses, health clubs, aquatic centers, equestrian training facilities, and country clubs require ice. Let’s not forget about hotels, bed & breakfasts, campgrounds and motels. Everyone needs ice!

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Need help finding the right ice machine for your business?
Easy Ice has the right machine for you.


Easy Ice has the most reliable, affordable and flexible ice machine program in the country! If your business needs ice makers in Raleigh, Cary, Zebulon, Morrisville, Wake Forest or Garner, you need Easy Ice!

Subscription Program Highlights

  • Top Quality Ice Machines, Bins & Dispensers

  • Delivery & Installation

  • Preventive Maintenance & Cleaning

  • All Repairs, Including Parts and Labor

  • Professional Grade Water Filtration System

  • Complementary Breakdown Ice

  • Simple Ice Machine Upgrade Program

  • 30-Day Cancellation for Qualified Customers