If you need an ice machine in Santa Clara, our subscription is a great solution. We created it to be all-inclusive and affordable, making it possible for every business to benefit from our program!

Businesses need reliable ice machines in Santa Clara, so their customers get the best service every time. However, this doesn’t mean you need to break the bank buying one. Easy Ice’s ice machine subscription program takes the hassle out of getting quality equipment and service in Northern California.

For one low monthly payment, you’ll have everything for your commercial ice maker in Santa Clara covered, including the machine itself! We’ve revolutionized the ice machine industry in California and across the nation with our affordable, all-inclusive program.

You shouldn’t be wasting time and money worrying about your ice machine in Santa Clara. Let us handle that for you. When you partner with us, you’ll be able to put your time and money back towards your business.

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To get started, just give our 24/7 customer service line a call. Our representatives will set up an appointment to get you a free estimate and onsite survey. All you pay upfront is a onetime installation fee equal to two months of your subscription rate, and we’ll set up everything. After that, your monthly payment covers the rest, from ice machine maintenance and repairs to Breakdown Ice and more!

We’ve partnered with two of the best manufacturers in the industry, Manitowoc and Hoshizaki, to give you their quality commercial ice equipment at an affordable price. They recommend their products are professionally serviced at least twice a year, which we include in your subscription. We also include repairs in your subscription so that you’re never stuck paying for your ice machine in Santa Clara out of pocket.

Any time you need a repair, we’ll also provide your business with Breakdown Ice at no extra charge. You’ll have peace of mind that even during a breakdown, you’ll never be left empty-handed. We built our program so that no matter what, you’re covered. Your business will always have ice as long as you’re subscribed.

Easy Ice has changed the way businesses handle their ice makers in Santa Clara and throughout California. Our quality ice machine service is offered across Northern California and the rest of the state. Contact us today if you’re ready for the best solution on the market!