Easy Ice offers the most cost-effective, hassle-free alternative to owning an ice maker in St. Joseph, Missouri: our unique subscription program.

Ice-Masters is now a part of Easy Ice! That won’t change much for our customers in St. Joseph. We’re still offering the same, great commercial ice equipment and service we’ve been known for since 1951. Our team is excited to now bring the Easy Ice subscription to businesses in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas.


Whatever kind of business you own in St. Joseph, you want to show your customers the hospitality and good time your city is known for, whether they’re residents or tourists. Having plenty of clean ice available for customers’ drinks, especially during the hot Missouri summer, is essential to your reputation as a reliable local business.

That’s where Easy Ice comes in.  

For one, low monthly payment, you’ll receive the following when you sign up for our subscription:  

That’s a deal you can’t beat.  

We make ice machine rental in St. Joseph the best way for businesses to serve their customers ice.   

The advantages of renting an ice machine from Easy Ice instead of buying one are crystal clear. Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars upfront, you only have to pay a modest installation fee when we set up your new ice machine, then take care of your monthly payment for as long as you need the equipment. That monthly payment covers your ice machine’s maintenance and repairs for the duration of your subscription, and Easy Ice even provides your business with free ice whenever your ice machine breaks down, so your business doesn’t suffer an interruption. Unlike ice machine owners, you don’t have to budget for maintenance and repairs or worry about who to trust with your ice machine’s upkeep. Our highly knowledgeable and specialized technicians are the ice machine experts you want in your corner, whether they’re looking for any potential issues in your ice machine during maintenance visits or rescuing your customers from a malfunctioning ice machine.   

As fantastic as our ice machine subscription is, we understand some business owners prefer to own their ice machine, and if you’re in that camp, Easy Ice is still here to meet your needs. You can buy an ice machine in St. Joseph from us just as easily as you can rent one, and you’ll have access to the same five-star brands that our subscription program members have. Call us for your free quote!

If you’ve already got an ice machine in St. Joseph that needs maintenance or repairs, the technicians at Easy Ice are still just a phone call away. We proudly provide the highest quality maintenance, cleanings, and repairs for commercial ice equipment in your area. It doesn’t matter where you purchased your ice machine. We’ll always take care of it like we do our own.   

Easy Ice is revolutionizing the commercial ice machine industry, for the better. We’re excited to bring our ice machine subscription to St. Joseph. If you’re ready to sign up and experience a simpler side of ice, contact us today!