Guaranteed ice in your bin or the ice is free!

Ice machines are important to many Tampa Bay businesses.  Tampa Bay companies that need ice don’t need the hassles associated with commercial ice makers. Ice machine ownership is expensive.  You have to spend capital plus deal with unexpected and costly repair expenses.

Easy Ice’s revolutionary ice machine program guarantees you’ll have the ice you need.  And with no capital equipment outlay, no risk and no long-term lease.  We take care of everything related to your commercial ice machines in Tampa Bay.

The Easy Ice model is unique and will save your Tampa Bay business time, money and hassles.  Our fully inclusive commercial ice machine program gets Tampa Bay companies everything to ensure they always have ice.  Ice is necessary for your customers as well as your employees and Easy Ice 100% guarantees customers that they will always have ice.

Easy Ice provides customers with Hoshizaki commercial ice makers — state of the art equipment manufactured in the United States — and all repairs and service.

Our preventive maintenance plan keeps your commercial ice machines in Tampa Bay running optimally at all times!

Easy Ice technicians perform bi-annual maintenance and cleanings for the ice machines at our customers’ Tampa Bay sites.  On these maintenance visits, our technicians also replace water filters at no additional cost.  Standard water filters are always free!

The ice machine cleanings are comprehensive, cleaning the ice maker, the ice bin and the ice dispenser.  A commercial ice maker without frequent and proper cleanings and maintenance will not perform well.  With an Easy Ice subscription, our customers never have to think about maintenance appointments because we pre-schedule them.  Our commercial ice machine subscriptions are easier and more cost-effective than owning or leasing.

Tampa Bay businesses want flexibility to grow.  Unlike a lease, Easy Ice subscriptions for commercial ice machines in Tampa Bay are flexible.  We don’t charge a penalty fee when qualified customers cancel their subscriptions. Leases will charge an early termination fee.  With just 30 days notice, most Easy Ice ice machine subscriptions can be cancelled without an extra charge.

If your business in Tampa Bay grows and you need a larger ice machine, Easy Ice can take care of that simply.  For a low, one-time fee we will switch out the ice maker to a larger (or smaller) unit.

Our commercial ice maker subscriptions get your Tampa Bay company Hoskizaki ice machines, Hoshizaki bins and dispensers.  All preventive maintenance and repairs, free water filters, and Breakdown Ice is included. Plus, our 24/7 customer service team is available to customers everyday of the year, including holidays and weekends.

Restaurants, country clubs, bars, hotels, hospitals, schools, churches, convenience stores and nightclubs in and around Tampa Bay are choosing Easy Ice for their ice machine needs.  Our affordability, reliability and flexibility is why customers love Easy Ice.

Easy Ice serves customers all over Florida including in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Largo, Seminole, Gulfport, Brandon, Westchase and Palm Harbor.  Getting commercial ice machines in Tampa Bay has never been easier!