Easy Ice offers the most cost-effective, hassle-free alternative to owning an ice maker in Missouri, with our unique ice machine subscription.

Ice-Masters is now a part of Easy Ice! That won’t change much for our customers in Wentzville. We’ll continue to offer the same, great commercial ice equipment and service we’ve been known for since 1951. Our team is excited to bring the Easy Ice subscription to businesses in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas.


Wentzville gives residents and visitors a happy medium between small town life and big city living on the outskirts of St. Louis. It’s the perfect place to run a successful business that remains connected to the community it serves. With a steady stream of customers and sticky-hot Missouri summers to contend with, your business needs an ice machine you can count on every day. That’s where we come in.   

Easy Ice makes ice machine rental in Wentzville a no-brainer. You’ll gain access to all of the following for one, low monthly payment:   

That’s the best value you’ll get for your money in the commercial ice machine market.  

Easy Ice offers our customers their pick of Manitowoc and Hoshizaki ice machines because those are the best brands on the market.  

Renting a commercial ice machine from Easy Ice sure beats buying one. If you purchase a new ice machine, especially if you choose a good brand, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars, and your ice machine will rack up maintenance and repair bills over time, too. The Easy Ice subscription program allows you get an expensive Manitowoc or Hoshizaki ice machine into your business for no more than a modest installation fee, and your monthly subscription rate covers the costs of maintenance and repairs for as long as you use the ice machine. Our highly specialized ice machine technicians will show up twice a year to perform the recommended cleaning and inspection of your equipment, and if your ice machine does break down, Easy Ice will provide you all the free replacement ice you need to keep your customers satisfied while our techs fix the problem. 

If you’re determined to buy an ice machine in Wentzville, Easy Ice is still the perfect partner for your business. We sell the same Manitowoc and Hoshizaki ice machines we feature in our rental program, and our customer service team can help you pick out the perfect model.

If you already own an ice machine in Wentzville that needs routine maintenance or repairs, call Easy Ice to schedule an appointment. Our ice machine technicians are the best in the state, and they’ll treat your ice machine like one of our own, regardless of where you purchased it. 

Easy Ice is transforming the commercial ice machine industry for the better. Our monthly subscription and retail options are available in Wentzville, Fulton, Troy, Columbia, Jefferson City, and beyond. Contact us today to get started on your ice machine journey!