Ready for the best ice machine you’ll Never own in Woodstock? Affordable, reliable, all-inclusive subscriptions for commercial ice makers in Woodstock!

So, your Woodstock business needs a steady supply of ice. Do you really want to spend thousands of dollars in capital buying a commercial ice machine? Savvy business owners and managers say No! The purchase price of an ice machine is just the beginning of the costs of ice machine ownership. Why take the financial hit when you don’t have to?

Restaurants, hotels, churches and health clubs are choosing subscriptions for commercial ice makers in Woodstock over buying or leasing. Why? Because paying a low, predictable price for seamless ice is a smart business decision!

With Easy Ice, we help our customers in Woodstock and across Georgia choose the right size and model Hoshizaki ice machine for them. There’s a small set up fee for professional installation and delivery (less than if you bought the ice machine yourself). From there on, your Woodstock company pays a low, fixed fee each month for guaranteed ice. Because we own the ice maker, we’re motivated to keep it running at it’s best.  Subscriptions include biannual maintenance & sanitation, standard water filter replacements (2 per year), all repairs, Breakdown Ice and 24/7 customer support. Simple! Ice bins and dispensers are available for a small additional fee.

Commercial ice machine subscriptions are Smart, Simple and Stress-Free! For just dollars a day, your Woodstock business will have an uninterrupted supply of clean, safe ice!

We’re revolutionizing the way Woodstock companies supply their customers and employees with ice. Instead of signing a long-term lease, our qualified customers enjoy month-to-month service and can cancel at anytime with only 30 days notice and no penalty. Subscriptions are superior leases for commercial ice makers in Woodstock because they are all-inclusive, no term agreement (for qualified subscribers) and we have a flexible equipment Upsizing Program. You won’t find these features with a tradition ice machine lease in Woodstock!

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in the business to bring you the best ice making products and service. We only use Hoshizaki ice machines as they are energy-efficient, reliable and durable.

Any company in Woodstock that needs ice will find Easy Ice to be their best solution. We have customers in the hospitality space (hotels, restaurants) as well as schools, golf courses, contractors & landscapers, corporate facilities, nursing homes and convenience stores.

“I have ice machines from Easy Ice in 3 of my McDonald’s locations.  I like the predictable monthly cost and fast service that Easy Ice provides.  I’m really happy with their Breakdown Ice program, too.  If one of their ice machine ever breaks, they deliver back-up ice to me at no cost until it’s fixed.  Plus, their program allows me to upsize equipment if I need to do so.
I appreciate the predictability and dependability that Easy Ice’s program provides.” ~ McDonald’s Franchisee

We offer ice machine subscriptions nationwide and throughout Georgia. Call us if you need reliable commercial ice makers in Woodstock, Atlanta, Smyrna, Kennesaw, Canton, Marietta, Chamblee or Alpharetta.