At Easy Ice, we’re doing our part to be environmentally conscious when it comes to commercial ice machines. This is one reason we have partnered with the best ice machine brands in the industry. We only offer Hoshizaki and Manitowoc commercial ice machines through our subscription program, because we are committed to bringing you the best quality ice machines with the lowest environmental impact.

Our extensive experience in the ice machine industry has taught us that the best ice machine brands are committed to reducing the environmental impact of ice machines in four ways:

  • Electricity consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Equipment longevity
  • Ice Making R&D

Easy Ice maximizes ice machine performance in all areas, while increasing reliability and output of the equipment.

Electricity:  According to Restaurant Hospitality, proper maintenance can increase ice machine efficiency by up to 25%.

Since electricity represents approximately 37% of the total cost of owning and operating an ice machine, this translates to a 10-year cost increase of 9% – nearly equal to the purchase price of the ice machine!

Easy Ice’s twice annual preventive maintenance schedule is twice the minimum number of cleanings suggested by the manufacturer.  We make this investment to ensure the machine is working at it’s highest energy efficiency.

Water:  The average cost of water per pound of ice produced by our machines is $0.0003. That is three, one-hundredths of a penny.  While water cost is minimal, resource conservation is important to Easy Ice.

The key to efficient use of water is how long the ice cubes last.  Some ice machines use less water to produce ice, but their cubes are softer and contain more impurities resulting in quicker melting.  Hoshizaki and Manitowoc are among the best ice machine brands in the industry. This is because their machines produce cubes last nearly 25% longer, giving them a 15-20% performance gap over  competitors.

Equipment Longevity:  The average ice machine lasts 7 years.  This is a function of cleaning frequency and quality.  Ice machines maintained according to the Easy Ice program schedule will last 10+ years, increasing asset utilization by 50%.

Advanced Technology:  Easy Ice is collaborating with the faculty at Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering to build a breakthrough energy efficient ice machine. The machine is still in prototype, but results suggest the use of Pulse electro-thermal de-icing (PETD) in commercial ice machines will reduce electricity consumption by as much as 50%.

Our commitment to our customers is “Ice In Your Bin – Guaranteed” and our commitment to the environment is to provide our service in the most environmentally conscious way.

To learn more about Easy Ice’s investment in environmentally sound practices, contact us at