Flake Ice

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Flake Ice

Soft, Malleable Flake Ice. Perfect for Presentation.

Ice isn’t just for drinks. Many Easy Ice customers need ice for presentations and salad bars as well. Both Hoshizaki and Manitowoc offer flake ice machines that produce soft, moldable ice that can be formed to create dazzling presentations or hold bottles and cans in place.

Create Dazzling Presentations

Flake ice is soft and small with roughly a 70% ice to water ratio which allows it to stick together. Businesses everywhere use this functional ice style for a multitude of reasons.

Many of our customers in the seafood industry use this ice type to create elaborate seafood presentations that showcase their offerings and amaze guests. Flake ice makers are a must have for oyster bars. Not only does flake ice keep oysters cool but also holds them in place on a tray.

Some of our customers in the bar and nightclub industry get creative and use this ice to hold bottles and cans in place so guests can see a selection of drinks.

Great for Specialty Drinks

For customers who prefer crushed ice for their drinks, flake ice is a great choice for a Mai Tai or margarita. Its porous structure allows it to absorb liquids and retain flavor.

A Reliable Ice Supply

Both Manitowoc and Hoshizaki flake ice machines use an easy to service auger design which delivers a steady flow of ice. Combined with Easy Ice’s routine maintenance, we keep auger systems running smoothly and prolong the overall life of flake ice makers.

Key Specifics:

Ice Type Flake
Brand Hoshizaki and Manitowoc
Shape Flake
Available Models Hoshizaki and Manitowoc models available for special circumstances.
Width Varies in size
Depth Varies in size
Height Varies in size

Technical Documents

Manitowoc IceHoshizaki Ice

Great for Beverages and a Whole Lot More

If you're looking for an ice type to create beautiful presentations, or just want to serve drinks with something other than your standard ice cube, we have a flake ice machine for you!

Featured Flake Ice Machines

Flaked Ice Models by Request Only. Contact Our Sales Team for More Details.