Ozone Ice Machine Sanitizer

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Keep Your Ice Machine Sanitary Between Cleanings

According to the FDA, ice is a food – which makes sense – customers put it in drinks and chefs use it for food prep. It’s for this reason that Easy Ice provides biannual cleanings with all our standard subscriptions, but what about keeping your machine sanitary between cleanings?


    Ozone – The Perfect All-Natural Sanitizer

    Ozone is a gas that forms in sunlight and lightning. It’s a chemical-free, sanitizing gas that works 3000 times faster than chlorine. Ozone prevents the growth of ice maker mold, slime, and other harmful biofilms by destroying the organisms cell walls and dispersing into the environment in the form of oxygen.

    The Easy Ice Ozone Generator

    We offer ozone generators as a service enhancement with our commercial ice machine subscriptions. Ozone is 99.9% effective at preventing microorganism growth, which helps keep ice machine’s within health inspection guidelines.

    Ice machines are one of the first places health inspectors target because they know how difficult it is to keep them routinely clean. Most of the time, you would have to wipe down the inside of their ice storage bin with chlorine or quat-based sanitizers – but not with ozone.

    Since ozone breaks down into pure oxygen, you never have to worry about rinsing out your ice storage bin. Ozone is also heavier than air, which means that it will fall into difficult to reach drop zones, keeping them sanitary in the process. Finally, ozone never has to be refilled. Our generator will keep producing ozone as long as it’s running.

    Ozone in Action

    We’ve seen just about every type of work environment, and well, some are just more challenging than others. We tested our ozone generator in an environment that was particularly challenging, and even we were amazed!

    Our customer was experiencing considerable ice maker mold growth in their ice bin within 3 weeks of a commercial ice machine cleaning. We installed one of our ozone generators into their ice machine during their next cleaning. The machine was still mold-free after 13 weeks!

    Which Ice Machine Would You Prefer?

      How to Get Ozone For your Ice Machine Subscription

      For an additional $20 a month, we’ll install an Ozone Generator into the ice machine, which will help prevent all manner of growth between cleanings. Along with maintaining a sanitary ice machine, ozone also:

      • Lowers overall maintenance and service needs

      • Improves the efficiency of the ice machine

      • Helps ice machine’s pass surprise health inspections


      Ice Machines Stay Clean with an Easy Ice Subscription

      Your ice supply should be reliable, dependable, and safe. We offer service enhancements in our ice machine subscriptions that make upkeep a breeze in the most challenging environments!