What Easy Ice Service Enhancements Can Do for Your Ice Supply

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Easy Ice Service Enhancements and Cleanings Reduce Problems

Certain work environments are more challenging than normal environments, requiring Easy Ice Service Enhancements. About 2% of our customers require service enhancements to our standard ice machine subscriptions, to keep their ice machines looking brand new. These enhancements can result in increased monthly charges.

    Common Signs of a Challenging Environment

    There are three primary Easy Ice service enhancements we provide that address the situations above:

    • Rapid plugging of water filters within 180 days
    • Visible scale buildup on the ice machine’s surface within 60 days
    • Mold or slime on ice-making and water depositing surfaces
    • Significant grease or foreign material buildup on any operating surface

    The Right Service Enhancement for the Job

    Increased mold is common with ice machines in environments containing a high level of airborne and waterborne contaminants. The most common signs you'll need additional Easy Ice service enhancements are:

    • Ozone Generator – Read more about Ozone in our Ozone Ice Machine Sanitizer page

    • More Frequent cleaning/sanitation

    • Advanced Water Filtration/Treatment - Read our page on water filtration for more details

    Pricing for these enhancements are as follows:

    Service Price
    Ozone Generator $20/month
    Additional Cleaning $165/cleaning
    Advanced Water Filtration Per Installation

      Determining Your Environment

      Our technicians will work with you during the site survey to identify conditions that would require enhanced service. Some examples include:

      • Well Water
      • Extremely high particulate count in water supply
      • Very hard water – i.e. high mineral content
      • Yeast in the environment from bread, brewing, etc.

      90% of the time, technicians are successful in identifying potential conditions for enhanced service with your help. The remaining 10% of the time, we’ll discover severe conditions after we install the machine. Misdiagnosing an environment often happens when work conditions change, or there was a lack of clarity during the site survey (common with customers who get an ice machine for the first time).

      The best way to avoid misidentifying the condition of your work environment is to have someone on-site who is knowledgeable about your kitchen during the site survey.

      Enhance Your Service in Challenging Environments

      Subscriptions are a smart solution for any business, even those with environmental challenges. Call us today and see what a subscription can do for you!