Hoshizaki B-1650SS


1,605 lbs capacity

The B-1650SS ice storage bin is Hoshizaki’s max storage offering storing up to 1605 lbs of ice*! This bin measures 60″ wide and 66″ tall making it ideal for high-volume models like the KM-1900. The B-1650SS is sturdy and offers ample room to install two 22″ machines or two 30″ machines side-by-side effectively doubling your ice production rate. This ice bin can accommodate most sized Hoshizaki ice machines. All SS Series machines come with universal top kits for installing a wide range of ice maker sizes. Hoshizaki SS series ice storage bins have a stainless-steel exterior cabinet which is sleek, durable, and prevents corrosion. They’re naturally stain resistant and easily cleaned. Hoshizaki ice bins are sturdy so they can hold up to everyday use in a crowded wait station or busy kitchen. They can also accommodate side-by-side or stacked ice machine installation if a business demands more ice throughout the day. SS series ice storage bins have a pouch-style door design that allows for easy access to ice at the bottom of the ice bin and prevents condensation that can cause ice to clump together.

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