Hoshizaki B-500PF 30″ Ice Storage Bin with Vinyl Finish

500 lbs capacity

The Hoshizaki B-500PF ice bin safely stores up to 500 lbs of ice* and measures 30″ wide. The Hoshizaki B-500PF ice bin is a great companion bin to get the full ice production out of Hoshizaki KMD-410 and KMD-460 models. This ice bin can accommodate 30″ Hoshizaki ice machines. Easy Ice provides an 8″ top kit for all 22″ ice maker installs. Hoshizaki PF series ice storage bins have a vinyl-clad exterior which makes for easy cleaning. The vinyl-clad exterior is durable and has a sleek steel appearance making it suitable for front-of-house use. Hoshizaki ice bin models are sturdy so they can withstand the daily use of a busy kitchen or bar. PF series ice storage bins come with a top-hinged front-opening bin door for quick ice retrieval. The standard 6″ adjustable painted flange legs allow you to raise or lower the machine to accommodate drainage needs.