Hoshizaki KM-1301


1,365 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki KM-1301 is the first in a series of very versatile “stackable” crescent ice makers. Due to its horizontal layout – the unit is 48″ long – the KM-1301 can support the weight of an additional unit. The ice production and drop zones designs ensure unimpeded “fall through” of the ice harvested from the upper unit, allowing for simple installation. With a typical production output of 1200 lbs/24 hours, the KM-1301 cranks out 50 pounds an hour, allowing you to keep up with even the thirstiest of patrons! All KM models produce unique crescent style ice which is hard, clear, and slow melting. KM models form cubes individually, rather than bridging cubes together. They also eliminate splashes and spills by allowing liquids to flow over them. Crescent Ice stacks nicely into drink glasses, eliminating extra space between the cubes. As a result, drinks stand taller in a glass, which is more appealing to customers and limits overpouring. Crescent cubes have been shown to save up to 15 percent on drink yields.