Hoshizaki KM-151BAH Air Cooled Crescent Ice Machine

146 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki KM-151BAH Air Cooled Crescent Ice Machine is a small, 39” ice machine with self-contained storage. There’s no reason to spend additional money on an ice bin. Everything you need to make and store ice comes in a single, convenient package. This model produces 121 lbs of ice a day under standard conditions. A great choice for under-counter use in small bars and restaurants.

Like many of Hoshizaki’s self-contained models, the Hoshizaki KM-151BAH ice machine is short enough for under-counter use. The stainless-steel exterior is built strong to withstand the toughest work environments, and H-Guard Antimicrobial agent protects ice scoops and helps prevent contamination. Front-to-front ventilation keeps hot air away for the machine, to maintain a steady ice production rate.

The Hoshizaki KM-151BAH ice machine produces Hoshizaki’s popular crescent ice shape, perfect for soft drinks and high-quality spirits. Each cube is clear and solid, so drinks maintain their flavor longer. Hoshizaki’s stainless-steel evaporator plate guarantees ice cubes are formed individually, so staff can easily fill glassware without having to break ice cubes apart.