Hoshizaki KM-600MAH Slim-Line Air Cooled Crescent Ice Machine

592 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki KM-600MAH ice machine is one of the most versatile ice machines in the Hoshizaki line-up. It’s famous for producing the most ice of any ice maker with a standard 110V power supply. If you want 600 lbs. of ice from other ice machines, you’ll typically need a 220V power supply. Another nice feature of the Hoshizaki KM-600MAH ice machine is its narrow 22″ footprint – making it a great linear space saver. All KM models produce crescent style ice. Crescent ice is hard, crystal-clear, and slow melting. The KM model’s design creates cubes individually, preventing them from sticking together in the ice bin. Liquids also flow over the cube, which eliminates splashes that increase product waste. Crescent Ice fills glasses better than square cubes, which make beverages appear taller and fuller. Crescent cubes can save up to 15 percent on your drink yield.