Hoshizaki KMD-460MWH Water Cooled Crescent Ice Machine

487 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki KMD-460MWJ Water Cooled Crescent Ice Machine is designed for dispenser and soda fountain use, but can also be installed on standard ice storage bins. This Hoshizaki KMD-460MWJ water cooled ice machine fits all 30″ Hoshizaki ice dispensers and produces 487 lbs of ice a day.

The Hoshizaki KMD-460MWJ crescent ice machine produces clear crescent ice individually so ice doesn’t clump in the bin or dispenser. The Hoshizaki KMD-460MAJ ice machine’s stainless-steel exterior protects against corrosion and dirt. It’s easy to clean and prevents accidental contamination.