Hoshizaki KMS-822MLJ Remote Cooled Crescent Ice Machine

839 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki KMS-822MLJ Remote Cooled Crescent Ice Machine is designed to produce 774 lbs of ice a day under standard conditions with the least amount of noise possible. The Serenity Series is an excellent choice for hotels or facilities where silence is golden.

The Hoshizaki KMS-822MLJ ice machine has a remote condenser to keep heat out of your business and away from your guests and customers. Its stainless-steel exterior repels dirt and protects against corrosion. At 22” wide, the Hoshizaki KMS-822MLJ ice machine is a great space-saving option for businesses with limited room. Each unit is protected by H-Guard Microbial Agent to protect your ice supply from contamination.

The KMS series produces Hoshizaki’s popular crescent ice, which is solid and helps save money in lost product costs. Each cube is formed individually, so staff can quickly serve drinks without having to manually break apart the cubes. The rounded, crescent shape of the cube allows liquid to cascade over them, preventing liquid from splashing out of the glass, a common problem with square cubes.

Compatible with the Hoshizaki SRK-10J Remote Condenser.