Manitowoc NEO UDF-0310A Undercounter Ice Maker

286 lbs/day

Small. Convenient. Affordable. The Manitowoc UDF0310A undercounter ice maker is the perfect choice for bars and offices that need a reliable small ice maker that meets the needs of their customers and guests. The UDF0310A is part of the Manitowoc NEO series of undercounter ice makers. This model produces up to 286 lbs of dice ice a day. Measuring just over 38 in tall, the Manitowoc UDF0310A fits under most countertops and bars and is ADA compliant.  

The Manitowoc UDF0310A is an air cooled ice machine that features front in-front out airflow. This system allows the machine to stay cool even when tucked underneath counters and bar tops. Heat exits the machine from the front of the unit to keep the machine cool.  

The UDF0310A produces Manitowoc’s signature dice ice. Dice is a great choice for soft drinks and high-quality cocktails. This square-shaped ice cube melts slowly and elevates the look of quality cocktails and spirits.