Manitowoc NEO UDF-0310W Undercounter Ice Maker

295 lbs/day

Looking for a convenient water cooled ice maker for undercounter use?  The Manitowoc UDF-0310W undercounter ice maker is excellent for bars and office breakroomsThe UDF-0310W is small, compact, and powerful, delivering up to 295 lbs of dice ice a day. As part of the Manitowoc NEO undercounter ice maker series, this unit measures just over 38 in tall. Like all Manitowoc NEO series the UDF-0310W fits under most countertops and bars and is ADA compliant.  

The Manitowoc UDF-0310W is a water cooled ice machine that uses incoming water to cool internal componentsWater cooled ice makers are perfect for workplaces with limited ventilation or high heat environments.   

The UDF-0310W produces Manitowoc’s signature dice ice. Dice ice is a square-shaped ice cubes that’s excellent in soft drinks and cocktails alike. These cubes melt slowly and have a traditional square shape that will fancy up the classiest spirits and whiskeys!