MGR SD-5000 Ice Bagging System

5,000 lbs/day

The MGR SD-5000 ice bagging system is the largest model of their volume bagging ice dispensers. The MGR SD-5000 ice bagging system holds a whopping 5000 lbs of ice and allows users to easily dispense ice into commercial ice bags without a scoop or shovel.

The MGR SD-5000 ice bagging system comes with a stainless-steel construction, to hold up to any work environment. 2″ expanded polystyrene insulation keeps ice fresh and prevents it from melting. At any time, users can activate stainless-steel agitators to circulate ice supply, keeping it from clumping together or clogging the ice dispensing zone.

Dispensing ice is simple. Just press down on the foot pedal and staff can dispense as much ice as they need to fill a commercial ice bag.

Choose from plenty of business options such as a bag blower, portion timer, bag taper, or coin operator mechanism.

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