What Other Services Do You Offer?

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We only provide products and services directly related to our ice machine subscription program.

To answer specific questions, here is what we don’t do:

  • We do not provide any other type of food service equipment (i.e. no freezers, reach-ins, etc.).
  • We do not provide snow cone machines or frozen margarita machines.
  • We do not provide “ice boxes” for storing bagged ice.
  • We do not provide fountain dispensers, but we DO provide ice machines that sit on top of fountain dispensers.
  • We do not sell ice-making equipment.

By focusing on providing and guaranteeing the performance of ice making equipment we are are able to reach an unequaled level of excellence which is why we provide ice machine subscriptions to more commercial establishments than anyone in the country.  We do this because restaurant owners have identified the ice machine as the piece of food service equipment they’d least like to own.

That is because ice machines, like dishwashers and coffeemakers, are an open system.  Water, along with suspended particles and dissolved minerals and chemicals, is extremely corrosive.  That is why ice machines need special and regular attention.  We do this all for the same daily cost that you would pay if you were to do it all yourself.

Successful businesses focus on what their customers care about and what they can affect.  They do not spend their precious time or capital on a commodity product like ice.

Your customers want it.  We guarantee it.  For the same cost of doing it yourself – minus all the hassles.  What have you got to lose?

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