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Last updated on October 28th, 2022 at 10:22 am

We asked our website followers if they had any questions for Chef Robert Irvine and we were flooded with requests.  Millions of people watch Robert Irvine on Restaurant:Impossible every week and it seemed every one of them submitted a question!  Questions ranged from restaurant management to charitable activity to hiring practices and we thank everyone who took the time to submit a heartfelt inquiry.

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Chef Robert chose a few questions from the many that were submitted to answer personally.  If you have a question, feel free to leave it in the comments section below.  We’ll select the most interesting for a future blog post.

Now, here’s Robert!

What’s your next step in the industry and how many community service events do you do each year? (Chef Cassondra)

My next steps are to continue working to help business and families who are struggling either through my show, or by working with great partners like Easy Ice to provide solutions to their logistical and financial problems.  It is hard to put an exact number on how many events I do per year, but I am constantly working with as many organizations as I can to help benefit people in need of my help.  Most recently I have been working with the Gary Sinise Foundation to help injured service members, Make-A-Wish, several other children’s cancer foundations, and children’s hunger initiatives.

What are your top tips to be a more effective manager? (Hugo) 

Know everything about the tasks you command and roles that you ask people to fill that way you can have realistic expectations and goals set forth with your staff.  This comes from hands-on experience in every facet of your business and not just a subjective view.

What do you feel would be the best type of franchise restaurant to invest in? (Carol)

I foresee there being a major change in our nation’s health perspectives in the near future as people are coming to understand what our fast food culture is doing to our society.  In that way, I feel that working with chains that are focusing on fresh, simple, and healthy foods will be a sustainable investment.

Has there ever been a restaurant makeover project that you had to reject because it was “impossible”? (Lisa)

Nothing Is Impossible!

How do you screen for honest employees? (Kevin)

This comes from being a good judge of character and THAT comes from experience.  Unfortunately that experience is often gained from being burned a few times.  I would also make sure you are thoroughly checking references.

What was your favorite food as a child? (Franziska)

My favorite food was, and always has been, roast chicken with mashed potatoes.  So simple and wonderful!

I have a great idea for a cooking show. How do I promote my idea? (Steve)

The industry is built around networking.  However, technological advancements are allowing people with great ideas to have easy and low cost access to production and promotional technology, so that ideas can be created and submitted to the public easier than ever.  You can build a following around your idea and grow it to the point where the “big guys” take notice.

What made you decide to help other people become successful restaurateurs? (Alexandria)

As a manager and restaurateur for 25 years, making improvements to a business and training staff was part of the job! Other than that, it’s all about caring for people, and finding out what you can do personally to motivate them to succeed.

How difficult is it for you to watch owners who have lost the edge and become lazy during Restaurant:Impossible?  Do you ever get emotionally attached to owners?  I know I do! (Brent)

I care deeply about every family, owner, and staff member that I come to know on the show.  It’s always difficult to see people lose their passion, but it’s my job to reignite that fire.  That’s the challenge as a manager in any field — Motivation!!

What is the key for maintaining consistency in a restaurant? (Shantall)

Attention to detail.

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