Chef Robert Irvine: Recipe for Inspiration

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Chef Robert Irvine is a multifaceted, multidimensional guy. Just watch any episode of Restaurant:Impossible. Robert’s part counselor, part management consultant, part demolition expert and part executive chef. He’s all that and more!

Chef Robert has the unique ability to be tough when needed but also empathetic and warm.  We’ve seen countless times when Robert is the shoulder to cry on.  And just as many times we’ve witnessed Chef swinging a sledgehammer through a wall.

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In between saving restaurants, filming a new series (Restaurant Express debuting November 3, 2013) and touring the country with his Robert Irvine Live shows, Chef engages in charitable endeavors.  He is passionate about giving back!  Chef Irvine has toured military bases here and abroad, raises money for wounded warriors and lends his time to charities like Make-a-Wish and Gary Sinise Foundations.

We’re inspired by Chef Robert and we wanted to know what and who inspires him to be the (super)man he is. The Iceologists sat down with Chef to learn more about what motivates and inspires him.


The Iceologist:  What 3 people do you admire and why?

Chef Robert:  My dad because he is my dad.  Nelson Mandela for his courage and passion and the last one is a group…. our nations military and their families.

The Iceologist:  What do you appreciate most about being a celebrity and all that comes with celebrity?

Chef Robert:  From helping families on Restaurant: Impossible to cooking meals for wounded warriors I appreciate being able to help those in need and give back to those who make sacrifices for us. Finally being able to connect with our fans and hearing their stories and questions.  It’s the personal touch we can give.

The Iceologist:  What has been the most influential book or movie that you’ve read or seen in the last 2 years?

Chef Robert:  There’s been so many. I enjoy watching and reading biographies and anything on history.

The Iceologist:  What is the most interesting new thing that you’ve learned in the last year?

Chef Robert:  The power of TV and reach Restaurant:Impossible has.  Whether it a school using the show as part of its teaching methods, a business owner really taking to heart our message or listening to a fan explain what the show means to them.

The Iceologist:  What are the three most impactful pieces of advice you’ve received from others during your lifetime and how has it affected you?

Chef Robert:  A quote that I’ve come across and always think back on is “What we create daily is gone instantly.  Tomorrow we need to create something more spectacular.”

The Iceologist:  If you could go back in time and meet someone from history, who would it be?

Chef Robert: Auguste Escoffier

The Iceologist:  Given everything you’ve already accomplished and all you hope to accomplish in your lifetime, in 100 words or less, how would you like someone to describe the impact you’ve had on the world?

Chef Robert:  I was a good man who tried to reach out to others who where in need of a hug, thanks for their job well done or just saying good morning. Giving someone a smile or brightening their day is the message, I would like to leave.


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