In every school, university and dormitory, you’ll find an ice cube machine in the cafeteria, employee lunch room, dorm, gymnasium… the list goes on. A reliable, clean supply of ice is on every back to school list.

Easy Ice has the coolest ice cube machine program that works perfectly in any university or school setting.  And our ice cube machine solution requires no capital or risk!

We have partnered with top manufacturers like Hoshizaki, manufacturer of state of the art, energy-efficient commercial ice makers to bring the best ice machines to schools and colleges across the country.  Hoshizaki manufactures commercial ice machines, ice bins and ice dispensers for every use on school and university campuses.  Our ice machine offering is a fully bundled program that outfits your campus with commercial ice machines, all preventive maintenance, free water filter replacements, repairs and more.

Subscriptions start at only $135 per month for 600 lbs. of ice per day!

Why buy or lease an ice machine?  Easy Ice subscriptions are at at the top of their class!  Our simple, comprehensive program is hassle-free and a better solutions for your ice needs.

Subscriptions are what we call our offering because they’re different than leasing an ice machine.  Maintenance and regular water filter changes are required for an ice cube machine to perform well and to produce safe, sanitary ice.  Ice is considered a food product and a dirty ice cube machine can make students sick.

Since we perform all of the preventive maintenance (including deep-cleanings) on the ice cube machines bi-annually, our customers can rest assured knowing they are serving the cleanest ice possible.  Schools and universities are very budget conscious and Easy Ice commercial ice maker subscriptions offer the predictability that every finance officer wants.

Our subscription rates are fixed for as long as you have the ice machines, making budgeting for ice makers simple year after year. No extra costs or hidden fees gives our customers predictability in an arena which is often unpredictable.  Commercial ice cube machines break down on occasion, that’s just a fact, and repairs are costly. Our ice cube machine subscriptions cover all repairs, commercial ice cube machine parts, and all labor by our highly trained technicians.

We never charge our customers extra even if they need ice cube machine repairs off-hours, on weekends, or holidays.

School and universities throughout the country are choosing Easy Ice to provide their campuses and dormitories with the best ice machines and best quality ice available.

Affordable. Risk-free. 100% guaranteed! Call us today! 866-easyice