Best offering for commercial ice machines in Alexandria!  All-inclusive, dependable and stress-free!

Do you need a dependable ice machine for your Alexandria business?  Ice impacts all areas of our lives and many industries require commercial ice makers.

Does your company in Alexandria rely on ice?  Are you in the market for a new commercial ice machine?  Before you buy or lease, consider ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice.

Easy Ice subscriptions are the fastest growing alternative to buying or leasing in the ice machine business!  We’re a national company and we have service for commercial ice machines in Alexandria and all over Virginia.

Our program offers Alexandria businesses an all-inclusive ice machine solution.  With an Easy Ice subscription, you’ll never fuss over your ice machine again!  Our offering includes all repairs and preventive maintenance.  Easy Ice customers never have to deal with unexpected, and expensive, repair bills associated with ice makers.

Peace of mind is a benefit not usually associated with commercial ice machines.  But our subscriptions do just that!

If the ice machine is broken, we fix it.  And we don’t send you a repair invoice.  If we can’t repair the ice maker quickly, we provide you with Breakdown Ice. Breakdown Ice assures you always have ice in the bin — guaranteed!

Standard water filter replacements are included (every 6 months).  The filters are replaced when we perform biannual preventive maintenance.  Since we own the machines, we have an incentive to make sure they are properly maintained.  Our goal is the same as your’s: a reliable supply of safe, clean ice.

Smart business owners in Alexandria focus their time where they can make money.  Ice machines don’t fit that description.  Everyone needs ice, and you can certainly loss money if you don’t have ice, but you can’t charge extra for it.  Ice is like electricity or water; your business can’t survive without it, but your customers don’t pay extra for it.

Would you take the responsibility for providing your own energy or water?  No.  So why would you want the responsibility of ice machine ownership?

We take the burden and the capital risk for our customers by owning & maintaining the commercial ice machines in Alexandria.  All the ice you need for an affordable and predictable price.

Getting clean, food-quality ice to your customers and employees is simple and hassle-free with Easy Ice!