Right near our nation’s capital in Virginia, Alexandria is home to businesses and organizations that aim to make a difference.

Many non-profit organizations and government agencies focused on civil service are headquartered here, which means having a reliable commercial ice machine in Alexandria is crucial, but sometimes the initial cost of an ice machine can be too high. Easy Ice’s commercial ice machine subscription program makes it possible for you to have the convenience of a quality ice machine at an affordable cost.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Hoshizaki and Manitowoc commercial ice equipment
  • Twice-yearly preventative maintenance
  • Cleanings and repairs
  • And so much more!
You’ll have peace of mind when you subscribe with us because you’ll always be covered.

The real cost of an ice machine for your Alexandria business may be more than you think after including maintenance and repairs. We want to help you put money back into your business with our program. We cover all repairs and preventive maintenance for one low monthly cost. Easy Ice customers never have to deal with unexpected and pricey repair bills associated with ice makers.

If the ice machine is broken, we will fix it at no extra cost. If we can’t repair the ice maker quickly, we provide you with Breakdown Ice. Breakdown Ice assures you always have ice in the bin — guaranteed!

Standard water filter replacements are included with our twice-yearly preventative ice machine maintenance. Keeping our machines as clean as possible not only ensures they stay in good condition, but it also allows the machine to perform its best, providing you with more consistent ice for your Alexandria business.

Business owners in Alexandria are smart with their time because they know that’s how their business can grow. If their time is spent repairing a broken ice machine, they lose time they could be focusing on the community itself. We give your business a way to always have ice on hand.

At an affordable monthly cost, we provide the ice machine service you need to keep your equipment in great shape. We keep track of your service for you so we will call you when it’s time. We’ll schedule an appointment with a technician in Alexandria at your earliest convenience.

With national success, we’ve made a name for ourselves in Alexandria and across Virginia. With service in Washington D.C. and neighboring cities, we give you quality ice machine service at an affordable price. Contact us today if a commercial ice machine subscription sounds right for your business!