Dependable, affordable and all-inclusive program for commercial ice machines in Bethesda!

Does your Bethesda business need a new commercial ice machine?  Before you rush out and buy or lease an ice machine, you need to know about subscriptions.

Ice machine subscriptions are the fastest growing segment in the industry.  Easy Ice is the only national company with a presence for subscription commercial ice machines in Bethesda.

Subscriptions are affordable, reliable and 100% hassle-free!

All-inclusive means less decisions for you.  Less to worry about and a predictable price.  Ice machine subscriptions are a set fixed price as long as you have the equipment on site.  Repairs are included.  All preventive maintenance is part of the package.  You’ll never see an unexpected ice machine repair bill again!

Just outside of Washington DC, Bethesda is a vibrant urban district with over 200 restaurants.  Any restaurant in Bethesda is going to need a commercial ice machine.  Restaurants can’t operate without a steady supply of ice.

The city is also home to Bethesda Naval Hospital.  Hospitals depend on ice for health applications, employee break rooms and cafeterias.  Hospitals usually have commercial ice makers on every floor and they need to be reliable.

Easy Ice is pleased to serve hospitals across the country with ice machine subscriptions.  Hospital facilities managers appreciate the ease and predictability of our program.  Predictable performance. Predictable pricing.  Predictable service.

Owning commercial ice machines in Bethesda is expensive.  Water filters need to be changed at least twice per year. The same is true for preventive maintenance.  Proper and frequent maintenance, cleanings and water filters changes keep ice machines producing at maximum output.  And all of these things cost money if you own an ice maker.

Our subscriptions are an end-to-end solution guaranteeing that you have ice in the bin.  We don’t charge extra for cleaning, maintenance or standard water filter replacements.  All the components you need to keep the ice flowing are included in subscriptions.

We’re a national company and we’re pleased to serve customers in the Bethesda area.  If you need a commercial ice maker anywhere in Maryland or the Washington DC area, give us a call.  We promise we’ll provide you with the best ice machine you’ll Never own!