Reliable supply of ice at an affordable price in Cape Coral!  Dependable service, predictable price.

Does your business depend on ice?  Are you tired of expenses tied to owning a commercial ice maker in Cape Coral? Or maybe you’re locked into an ice maker lease that isn’t working for you.  Easy Ice subscriptions are a better alternative to leasing or owning ice machines.

Our ice machine subscriptions are fully inclusive, guaranteeing you always have ice in the bin!  We’re more flexible than traditional leases for ice machines.  And pricing is much more predictable than if you own an ice maker.

The purchase price is only the beginning when you buy a commercial ice maker in Cape Coral.  Maintenance, water filters, cleanings, extra ice and repairs add up quickly.  Repairs for ice machines are costly and can vary widely.  Unexpected expenses (like ice maker repairs) are impossible to budget.

Our subscriptions include everything for a predictable monthly fee, with No Hidden Expenses!

All-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions are affordable.  For as little as $4 a day for 600 lbs of clean, safe, food-quality ice. You can’t beat that offer in Cape Coral!

You understand your Cape Coral business, and we understand ice machines.  As Food Network chef Robert Irvine told us, it’s better to have an expert (like Easy Ice) take care of the ice machines.  He advises restaurant owners Not to purchase an ice machine.

Chef Irvine is known for his expertise in restaurant operations and management.  He knows what he’s talking about when he says owning a commercial ice maker in Cape Coral is a bad idea!

Cape Coral is a tropical wonderland and businesses can’t afford to be out of ice.  Our subscriptions include Breakdown Ice, so you’ll always have plenty of ice.  Breakdown Ice is our proprietary benefit that provides bagged ice if we can’t fix a machine quickly.  If one of our ice machines needs repair, the customer simply calls our toll-free number and we dispatch a technician.  If we can’t repair the ice maker in a reasonable time (6 hours), we provide our customers with Breakdown Ice.

We’ve partnered with Reddy Ice, the world’s largest manufacturer of bagged ice.  In most cities, we’re able to deliver Breakdown Ice directly to our customers’ site.  In areas without delivery service, we reimburse for any bagged ice purchased.

You can’t go wrong with an ice machine subscription from Easy Ice! No risk…just ice!