All-inclusive subscription for a commercial ice maker in Cartersville is available.

Cartersville businesses need ice!  Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, convenience stores, extended care facilities, and schools need ice. These businesses need a reliable, clean, and affordable source of ice.

Before Easy Ice, the only option your Cartersville business had if you wanted an ice machine was to buy or lease.  These options are capital intensive, tie you into a long term commitment, and leave you paying for all repairs, maintenance, and bagged ice during a breakdown.

Subscriptions are the choice that thousands of businesses around the country are switching to.

Subscriptions start at just $4 a day.  The fastest growing solution to all your ice making needs!

An Easy Ice subscription can take the guesswork out of a commercial ice maker in Cartersville.  For one low fixed monthly price everything you need for reliable, clean, and affordable ice is paid for.

If your ice machine ever breaks down you have one number to call, 866-easyice.  We have a 24/7, 365 days a year call center staff that is ready to help you with all your ice related needs.  A technician will be alerted of the problem and out to repair your ice maker the same day, or within 48 hours.

If the technician can’t be out the same day for repair and your commercial ice maker in Cartersville isn’t producing any ice we don’t want you to run out.  Easy Ice understands that your Cartersville business needs ice every day.  That’s why we pay for Breakdown Ice.

With Easy Ice you know your ice bin will always stay full!

To prevent break downs and repair bills we pay for bi-annual preventive maintenance.  This maintenance covers the replacement of your standard water filter.

Apart from regular maintenance, the founders of Easy Ice wanted to have additional assurance that our ice machines wouldn’t break down.  We only purchase top of the line Hoshizaki ice machines that are manufactured and assembled right here in the United States.

If your business grows, so can your ice machine.  Easy Ice doesn’t want to penalize your business for succeeding.  We offer a convenient equipment upgrade program for businesses in Cartersville. Just pay the setup fee equal to one month’s subscription on your new ice machine and you’re done.  We will have the equipment swapped so you can enjoy the benefits of the larger capacity equipment.

Service for Easy Ice subscriptions extends from Cartersville, Acworth, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Marietta, Smyrna, and the greater Atlanta metropolitan area.  Easy Ice subscriptions can be found in every major city in the United States!