Affordable, quality ice machines in Cartersville for every business! Subscriptions are a cost-effective solution to owning an ice maker in Georgia.

Businesses in Cartersville need consistent ice to keep customers happy. Easy Ice has developed a perfect alternative to owning an ice machine in Cartersville. Easy Ice’s commercial ice machine subscription helps you take care of the machine, giving you the convenience of owning one without all the hassle

The risks associated with owning an ice machine are high and could leave you with expensive bills to match. Easy Ice’s program provides you with the best ice machine for your business, twice-yearly preventative maintenance, repairs, and cleanings. We include all our services at one fixed, low monthly rate so you always know what to expect. Your subscription price will be as reliable as your ice machine with Easy Ice!

With subscriptions starting at just $4 a day, anyone can afford a quality ice machine in Cartersville. Subscriptions are the choice that thousands of businesses around the country are switching to!

The ice machine rentals in Cartersville that we provide are always top-quality machines from leading brands in the industry. Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice makers provide dependable ice cube production that is consistent year-round. These American-made machines are built to last, with Hoshizaki headquartered nearby in Peachtree City, GA. Let Easy Ice help you get the best commercial ice equipment on the market for a fraction of the cost.

Since we cover the capital of the ice machine for you, we do our best to keep it in the best shape. We schedule twice-yearly preventative maintenance visits for you so that an ice machine technician can service the machine, check for any potential issues, clean the machine, and replace all standard water filters. We include this service free of charge with your subscription as always.

If you ever have an issue with your ice machine in Cartersville outside of routine service, call 866-easyice at any time and we will send a technician out to fix the problem. We do our best to give you a reliable ice supply even when the machine is down with our Breakdown Ice program. Your business will be provided with backup ice until we can get the ice machine up and running.

Easy Ice has ice machine rentals in Cartersville that are right for any business. With our fixed, low monthly rate it’s even possible for smaller businesses to have the benefits of a quality ice machine.

We provide ice machine rentals in Cartersville but also proudly serve communities throughout Georgia. From Acworth, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Marietta to Smyrna, we provide quality ice machine service at an affordable cost. Contact us today if a commercial ice machine subscription sounds right for your business!