Are you thinking about buying a new ice maker for your Cincinnati business? Maybe you’ve considered leasing ice makers in Cincinnati. Neither buying nor leasing are smart choices now that commercial ice machine subscriptions are available in Cincinnati!

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Easy Ice developed the subscription model for ice makers and we’re the only national company offering this service. With a subscription, instead of you laying out thousands of dollars of capital we purchase the ice machine for your Cincinnati company! Since we own the ice makers, we take responsibility for their care and upkeep.

For a low monthly fee, we’ll provide your business with a Hoshizaki or Manitowoc ice machine, preventive maintenance, repairs, cleanings, water filters, Breakdown Ice, and 24/7 support!

Our ice machine subscription service saves our customers in Cincinnati (and across the country) money, time, stress, and hassles. With a subscription, you can have peace of mind knowing your business will have a steady supply of ice. With no hidden costs!

Thousands of companies across the nation have left buying or leasing ice machines behind in favor of our subscriptions. Customers tell us all the time that they wished they’d known about our service sooner. It would have saved them a lot of stress and money!

Unpredictable expenses can be the downfall of a small business. With an ice machine subscription, your monthly cost is fixed for as long as you have the equipment at your Cincinnati location. It’s easy to budget for ice when you have a subscription. You don’t pay for ice machine repairs or water filters. Repairs can run hundreds of dollars and you never know when they’re going to happen.

Replacement ice is another huge (and unpredictable) expense when you own ice makers in Cincinnati. If the ice machine needs repairs and you can’t find a technician who can fix it quickly, you’re stuck buying bagged ice. A busy restaurant can easily go through $100 of bagged ice a night. Let’s say it takes 4 days to repair the ice machine. Now you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on replacement ice plus hundreds more on the parts and labor.

A commercial ice machine subscription eliminates these costs for our customers in Cincinnati and across Ohio! We pay for the ice machine repairs. We pay for the parts and labor and we pay for Breakdown Ice!

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Hotels, golf courses, convenience stores, corporate facilities and restaurant in Cincinnati need ice machines. So do assisted living facilities, schools, health clubs, hospitals, and churches.

Subscriptions for ice machines are available in the greater Cincinnati area and throughout Ohio. Call us if you need ice makers in Cincinnati, North College Hill, Finneytown, Reading, Montgomery, Norwood, or Columbus.

Subscription Program Highlights

  • Top Quality Ice Machines, Bins & Dispensers

  • Delivery & Installation

  • Preventive Maintenance & Cleaning

  • All Repairs, Including Parts and Labor

  • Professional Grade Water Filtration System

  • Complementary Breakdown Ice

  • Simple Ice Machine Upgrade Program

  • 30-Day Cancellation for Qualified Customers