All-inclusive ice machine subscriptions are available in Cleveland!  Better than leasing or buying, subscriptions are affordable and hassle-free!

Cleveland businesses — does your company depend on ice?  Are you thinking about replacing your ice machine?  Before you drop $4000 – $6000 (average) buying an ice machine, you should learn about subscriptions.

Easy Ice developed subscriptions for commercial ice machines in Cleveland.  We’re the only company offering commercial ice maker subscriptions nationwide.  Easy Ice is the fastest growing company in the ice machine space.  And it’s because our subscriptions are affordable, reliable and simple!

Smart business owners are choosing Easy Ice over buying or leasing commercial ice machines in Cleveland!

You’re the expert in your business.  We’re the commercial ice machine experts.  Why buy an ice machine when you can leave all of the ice making details to the pros?  Our subscriptions are totally inclusive!  You will never have to worry about your ice supply or your ice machine again!

For an affordable monthly fee, we provide companies with state of the art Hoshizaki ice machines, bins and dispensers.  Hoshizaki is viewed as one of the best commercial ice maker manufacturers.  And they are manufactured in the U.S.

Hoshizaki ice makers are durable, dependable and energy-efficient.  Most of Hoshizaki’s commercial ice machines are EnergyStar rated, ensuring savings with your electricity bills.

We have technicians across the country, throughout Ohio and in Cleveland.  Our subscriptions include all preventive maintenance and repairs.  Twice a year, our technicians come to your Cleveland site for routine maintenance, cleaning and to replace water filters.  Standard water filter replacements are Free with Easy Ice subscriptions!  Relationships with Ecolab and Reddy Ice ensure every customer in Cleveland and across the country receives the highest level of service.

We handle everything having to do with the ice machine so you can focus on your business.  So many types of businesses depend on ice. Restaurants, hospitals, hotels, convenience stores, golf courses, corporate facilities, schools and churches all need ice and commercial ice machines in Cleveland. So do assisted living facilities, health clubs, event centers, caterers and landscapers.

Just because you need ice doesn’t mean you need to buy an ice machine!  Owning a commercial ice maker is full of expenses besides the big sticker price.  Repairs, maintenance, water filters, replacement ice and cleanings are all costly.  Wouldn’t you rather put $4000 or $5000 into your business rather than an ice machine?

Our ice machine subscriptions require No Capital!  And qualified customers in Cleveland are not tied to a long-term lease.  Providing your customers and employees with ice has never been easier!

We have sales and service reps all over the country and in Cleveland.  If you need a commercial ice maker in Cleveland or any nearby city (University Heights, Brook Park, Parma, Seven Hills, Lyndhurst, Independence, etc…), you need Easy Ice!