All the ice you need without any of the hassles or added expenses!

Commercial ice machines are needed by Colorado Springs companies. We’ve created a better way to have a reliable source of ice.  No risk or capital, Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscriptions are better than leasing or buying a commercial ice machine in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs attracts more than 6 million visitors a year. Tourists are drawn to Colorado Springs for it’s 300+ sunny days a year, proximity to world class ski resorts and for the beauty of it’s open spaces surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Rock climbers and river rafters are frequent visitors to Colorado Springs. The spectacular Red Rock Canyon is a destination for millions of tourists each year.

Tourists and residents take advantage of Colorado Springs’ restaurants, bars and golf courses. Businesses like bars and restaurants and country clubs need commercial ice machines for their customers and employees.

If you are looking for a commercial ice machine in Colorado Springs, Easy Ice has the ultimate solution for you!

Instead of buying or leasing an ice machine, Easy Ice has a no risk, no capital program to get commercial ice makers into your business. We call our service a subscription and our customers find our offering more cost-effective than owning a commercial ice machine in Colorado Springs.

Owning a commercial ice machine in Colorado Springs costs much more than just the price of the machine. You can’t have an ice machine without an ice bin and ice dispenser. And if you’re buying an ice maker you need to buy it’s companion units as well. It takes precious capital to buy an ice machine plus interest payments if the equipment needs to be financed.

Once the ice machine has been purchased and is in a business, the unexpected costs begin to arise. Without proper and frequent maintenance, commercial ice machines fail to perform properly and maintenance is money out of pocket to pay for a technician. Ice machine cleanings and water filter replacements are imperative to keeping the ice clean and safe.  More bills (and water filters aren’t cheap). And if the ice maker needs repair, more money is out the door for repair expenses (which can be very costly).

Easy Ice provides a fully-inclusive ice machine package which is a better solution than owning or leasing. Leasing a commercial ice maker requires signing a long-term contract. Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscriptions are a set monthly fee and we don’t charge a penalty for cancellation of the subscription.

Easy Ice understands that our customers want flexibility that leases just don’t have. With 30 days notice our customers can cancel their subscription with no penalty or hidden fees. With an Easy Ice commercial ice maker subscription we take flexibility a step further with our equipment upgrade service. If a customers business is growing and they need more ice production Easy Ice will switch the ice machine to a larger unit for a one-time minimal cost.

Easy Ice has a presence in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area although we are a national company. In addition to Colorado Springs, you can find Easy Ice reps in nearby cities such as Fort Carson, Canon City, Pueblo, Centennial, Castle Rock, Cimarron Hills and Fountain.

Colorado Springs businesses that need ice, need Easy Ice.