The most cost-effective and reliable solution for a commercial ice machine in Concord!

Commercial ice machines are necessary for many businesses. But is it necessary to own the commercial ice machine in Concord? Absolutely not! In fact owning a commercial ice maker is a not a good use of your capital. We conducted a survey and found ice machines to be the most frustrating piece of equipment. Why? Because of the constant maintenance and costs of unpredictable repair expenses.

That’s why Easy Ice came up with a better solution to your Concord company’s ice needs: All-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions. With our program you pay a low, set monthly fee for the ice maker including all it’s maintenance and repairs. Not only do we repair and maintain the ice makers at no extra cost, we replace standard water filters twice a year, provide your Concord business with Breakdown Ice if the unit needs repair and we can’t fix it quickly plus we give you 24/7 customer support.

Why buy an ice machine when you don’t have to? Commercial ice machine subscriptions are the preferred choice of savvy business owners in Concord, North Carolina!

You may be thinking “what’s the difference between a subscription and an ice machine lease”? Good question! When you lease a commercial ice machine in Concord, you’ll have to sign a long-term agreement — usually 3+ years. And if you cancel service before the contract ends, you’ll pay a hefty penalty fee. With a subscription, qualified customers in Concord pay month-to-month — no years-long contract! And can cancel with just 30 days notice with no penalty costs!

Plus, Easy Ice offers an ice machine Upsizing Program. If your business is successful and grows, you need your ice supply to grow with it. No problem if your Concord company has an Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscription! You’ll just pay a small swap-out fee for a larger unit and then pay the monthly fee for that model. Simple!

Our no-hassle approach to ice machines is delighting our customers throughout the country and North Carolina! They often tell us they’ll never own an ice machine again — subscriptions simplify their operations and their budgeting. Predictable ice at a predictable price!

We have ice machines placed in all sorts of businesses and industries. Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, health clubs and convenience stores have our commercial ice makers on site. So do schools, caterers, churches, office complexes and physical therapy centers. With our low prices, any business in Concord that needs a reliable supply of ice can afford an ice machine subscription from Easy Ice!

Easy Ice serves most areas in North Carolina including Concord, Charlotte, Greensboro, Mooresville, Salisbury, Lexington and Mount Holly.