All-inclusive, no risk ice machine subscriptions available in Covington.  The fastest growing ice solution in the country!

Does your business in Covington have a broken ice machine?  Do you constantly have to call a repair man to fix a nagging problem?  Are you still sending employees to the local gas station near your Covington business to buy bagged ice on a daily basis?  Thinking about buying a new machine? These are questions that should have simple solutions.

For too long businesses in Covington have been left without any practical answers. Look no further!  Our commercial ice machine subscription program is the solution for all your ice needs! Celebrity chefs who own restaurants like Robert Irvine, Gordon Ramsay and Marc Murphy have ditched owning or leasing the ice makers for their restaurants in favor of our subscriptions.  You won’t find a better value for commercial ice machines in Covington!

Ice machines are a challenging piece of equipment for businesses.  They are expensive, break often, and are unfortunately extremely important to daily operations.  Don’t waste another penny on expensive repair bills for your ice machine or purchase one more bag of ice from the local gas station.

Easy Ice subscriptions can give businesses 600lbs of ice a day for as little $135 a month!

Convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, construction companies, landscape businesses, health clubs, and extended care facilities in Covington all need ice.  Don’t pay more than you have to!

An Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscription is about more than just commercial ice machines in Covington.  Having a properly working ice machine is important.  That’s why preventative maintenance twice a year is provided FREE of charge.  This way we can spot problems before they occur and ensure that you always have clean ice.  But machines still breakdown.  That’s why we provide all repair on your ice machine FREE (both parts and labor).  Need ice while a new part is being ordered?  No problem!  That’s why we give customers FREE Breakdown Ice in the case of an emergency.

Without Easy Ice your business would be left finding and hiring a service technician.  You would be left purchasing your own ice until the machine was up and running.  And you would be left paying all the bills…  As a business how can you plan ahead and know what costs you will face each month?  When you own or lease commercial ice machines in Covington you can’t plan ahead.  When you subscribe through Easy Ice you can!  That’s the big difference.

Qualifying businesses in Covington and across the country are able to join our month to month subscription service.  When you join all you have to pay is a onetime nominal setup fee.  From here you will only pay the low monthly price that you signed up for.  No hidden costs!  No surprise bills!  When the machine breaks we have a 24/7, 365 day a year U.S. based call center ready to help with all your ice needs.

When you begin an Easy Ice subscription you will receive a top of the line Made in America Hoshizaki ice machine.  We have put 1000’s of these ice makers in businesses around the country and trust that they will live up to their reputation.  A trusted name and quality product means a lot to business in Covington and it means a lot to Easy Ice!

Whether you’re looking for commercial ice machines in Covington, Fort Mitchell, Alexandria, Cold Spring, or Highland Heights, Easy Ice can service your location.  Call us today for a free onsite survey and estimate.