Cost-effective and all-inclusive! Companies that depend on ice in Dade County are choosing Easy Ice!

Businesses rely on having a seamless source of ice for their customers and employees.  So, you need a commercial ice machine in Dade County, but should you buy it? There are multiple reasons why the answer is No! Owning a commercial ice maker freezes your capital.  Maintenance, sanitation, water filters and unpredictable repairs will melt your profits.  Why take the risk?

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine says he’ll never own an ice machine again.  For his restaurants he’s turned to Easy Ice for the solution to his ice needs.  Subscriptions for commercial ice machines are low-cost and 100% guaranteed!  No capital is required to get your Dade County business set up with a new Hoshizaki ice machine.  Just a small one-time set up to cover delivery and installation.  Our installation fee is actually less than standard! If you bought the commercial ice machine in Dade County, you’d pay more for installation and delivery than Easy Ice charges.

After the set up, your Dade County company pays a low, fixed monthly fee for an all-inclusive ice machine subscription.  No hidden costs!  Since Easy Ice buys the ice maker for your Dade County business, we’re motivated to keep it in top shape.  Subscriptions come with pre-scheduled maintenance visits.  You don’t have to do a thing! Twice a year, a technician will come to your Dade County location to inspect and deep clean the ice machine.  Water filters are swapped out and standard water filters are Free to Easy Ice subscribers.

Predictable ice… Predictable price! Focus your time and money where you can make a difference, not on ice machines. Let us get that monkey off your back!

Easy Ice has teamed with the biggest players in the industry to make sure all our customers in the U.S. and in Florida receive stellar products and service.  Hoshizaki is our choice for ice machines, ice bins and ice dispensers. Hoshizaki commercial ice making equipment is durable and energy-efficient.  Their stainless steel construction allows for better sanitation and longevity.

Reddy Ice, Ecolab and local service providers cover our customers in Dade County with maintenance and repairs. Repairs (parts and labor) are included in your affordable ice machine subscription!  What if we can’t repair an ice maker quickly? No problem! Your ice machine subscription includes complimentary Breakdown Ice!

Easy Ice has service throughout Dade County including Hialeah, Homestead, Miami, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, Miami Beach and Doral.  Our customers include restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, caterers, schools/universities, corporate facilities, churches and contractors.  If your business needs a commercial ice machine in Dade County, we can help you!