No hassle subscriptions for commercial ice machines in Dothan are available!

If you really need ice just for your organization in Dothan, you have to have Easy Ice. We happen to be the sole national vendor of regular monthly subscriptions when it comes to commercial ice makers found in Dothan. We will supply your company with the exact ice maker you demand, starting from 250 — one thousand nine hundred lbs each 24 hours. Included with your month-to-month subscription will be transport, unit installation, water filter, semi-annual care along with preventative routine maintenance, as well as all repairs plus back up ice if your equipment stops working. Monthly subscriptions begin for only $129 / calendar month to have up to six-hundred lbs. of ice per day. We additionally supply bins, typical hotel ice dispensers along with ice and water dispensers.

Hassle-Free! Risk-Free! Capital-Free!

We remove any headaches from your ice supply! We have just the finest — Hoshizaki commercial ice machines, bins along with dispensers. In addition we’ll take great care and handling of your commercial ice machines in Dothan. We feature your own local, expert staff which will provide you top-quality service for routine maintenance, repairs and also backup ice just for your commercial ice maker found in Dothan. Since we take care of every aspect, you don’t ever have to fret regarding tracking down reputable repair services or having to pay after hour surcharges. Plus you can easily get in touch with us twenty-four hrs./day, three hundred and sixty five days a year. Our U.S.-based customer service center will be reachable whenever you need us.

Consider, no more giant checks to draft each time you need more commercial ice machines in Dothan. And never a chance that you purchased the “right” machines. This is because in case your organization demands change, we can swap your current unit now with any larger or smaller machine. And in addition we don’t wrap you up because of lengthy legal contracts. In truth, you can stop the month to month subscription with just 30 days notification. You are not acquiring a new machine; you are getting a GUARANTEED ice supply for your personal enterprise in Dothan, AL.

For greater info regarding the stress free ice system, pay a visit to our home page. Or perhaps better yet, get in touch with us today at 866-easyice (327-9423).