All the ice you need. Zero brain-freeze!

Does your East Bay business depend on an ice machine? Easy Ice has developed a revolutionary model that gets commercial ice makers in East Bay with no capital, no risk and no long-term contract.

Easy Ice has ice machine sales and service personnel across the United States and we have a strong presence in the East Bay. If you’re looking for a commercial ice machine in Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Concord, Walnut Creek, Benicia, Vallejo, San Leandro, Fremont or Pleasanton, Easy Ice is ready to serve you.

Our commercial ice machine solution is different than leasing, buying or renting commercial ice makers in East Bay. Easy Ice commercial ice maker subscriptions are all-inclusive and for an affordable monthly rate customers get everything they need to keep the ice flowing with no hidden costs.

Easy Ice takes care of everything to do with ice machines, leaving our customers time and money to grow their businesses.

All ice machine repairs are included in our subscriptions, saving our customers from expensive repair bills. Subscriptions also include all preventive maintenance, full ice machine cleanings and standard water filter replacements at no cost, again saving our customers money and time.

And, if our ice machines break and need repair, Easy Ice provides customers with free replacement ice until our technicians can repair the ice maker.  Cost-free replacement ice (Breakdown Ice) is a feature exclusive to Easy Ice and our customers love it.  We have partnered with Hoshizaki for our ice machines because they are energy-efficient and state of the art.  Plus, Hoshizaki manufactures their commercial ice makers, dispensers and bins in the USA.

A regular ice machine lease has restrictive terms and penalties for early cancellation. Easy Ice subscriptions are completely risk-free!  For qualified customers in the East Bay we only require 30 days notice for cancellation and we don’t charge termination fees.  With Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscriptions, our customers save money, time and worry.

East Bay businesses need ice makers but they don’t need the added costs of ownership or traditional leases and rentals.  Customers appreciate having predictable expenses and Easy Ice commercial ice maker subscriptions are predictable. Our subscriptions are based on a fixed monthly fee — that’s right, fixed! — and no additional costs.  Doesn’t your East Bay company deserve a predictable price for ice?

You may think “why get a subscription when I can own a commercial ice machine”?  Ice machine ownership is much more costly than just the price of the ice making unit.  Unexpected, expensive repair bills will inevitably come up when you own commercial ice makers in East Bay.

Plus costs for maintenance, cleanings and water filters have to be factored in.  And don’t forget it’s not just the ice machine you’d need to buy, but also ice bins and ice dispensers.  And then there’s the added costs of bagged ice if the ice maker is broken.

Predictable. Reliable. Affordable.  That’s an Easy Ice subscription!

All kinds of business in the Bay Area’s East Bay need a commercial ice machine on site.  Restaurants, hotels, schools, convenience stores, golf courses, hospitals, landscapers, corporate facilities and health clubs in the East Bay benefit with an on site ice maker.

Smart business owners in the East Bay from Concord to Vallejo, San Leandro to Oakland, are choosing Easy Ice as their ice machine partner.